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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Feisty Girls Get Spanked! Bratty Annie and the ranch Foreman

It's weird how dislike and resentment towards a person can subtly change into something entirely different. After Tyler spanks Annie, the dynamics of their relationship begin to change.

Here's another little teaser from Bratty Annie and the Ranch Foreman.


"I'm sorry I had to do that, Annie." He held out his arms. A moment later she was nestled within them, the fact that she was half naked forgotten.

"It hurts real bad," she whimpered, clinging to him as though he were a life line, her tears soaking his bare chest.

"I know, baby. But it will soon pass." He held her close, his heart going out to her. If only her parents hadn't indulged her quite so much as she was growing up, she wouldn't have turned out the way she had. And so what if she was feisty - he liked that. She had spirit, and somewhere beneath her brash exterior was a fun-loving, charming young woman.

"Tyler?" she whispered.

"Yeah?" He cupped her chin, looking into her teary blue eyes.

"Are you going to tell Dad that I went in his safe?"

"No. I won't tell him that. It'll be our secret."

'"Ohhh." She sighed in relief. "I'd hate for him to know what I did. Thanks."

"It's okay. You know, if you want to see your friends tomorrow, I'll lend you some money until you get paid."

"You'd do that?"


"I ... I'd appreciate that."

"No problem. I'll give you $100 and deduct it from your wages on Friday. Right - time I was heading off to bed. Goodnight, Annie."

"'Night, Tyler." She watched as he headed out of her room. Sleep eluded her as her bottom throbbed; she lay awake for some considerable time, and when she did eventually succumb, her dreams focused on one man: Tyler Fox.


Bratty Annie and the Ranch Foreman is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

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