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About Me

I was born in Yorkshire, England and graduated from Leeds University in 1983. I've always loved to write, purely for the pleasure of it, but had my first minor success during my early twenties with the publication (by Hamlyn Children's Books) of half a dozen stories for children, which led to further commissions. In later years I edited and compiled eight business books and wrote two scientific and technical reports – all of these from mainstream publishers, and all hard copy.

But now, in this electronic age, I'm enjoying writing romance for the e-book market. As Abigail Armani I write romance which will inevitably include a few sizzling sex scenes - so you'll get erotica but not badly written porn. You'll also find a few spanking scenes to spice things up a bit, but nothing abusive or hard core. I'm a storyteller who likes variety and I'd like to think that all my books are engaging and original with well crafted plots and credible character portrayal. They will contain conflict to further the plot development, but  will ultimately result in a satisfying HEA ending.

I also write under the pen name of Lucy Appleby and have around 30 books under that name. These are not full-blown romance (though some contain elements of the romance genre), but are general spanking stories, many humorous (wickedly so!) whilst others blend fantasy with reality. You can find Lucy Appleby's blog here.

When I'm not writing I am kept very busy as co director of LSF Publications - the best up and coming publisher of spanking e-books on the planet! Ok, so I may be a tad biased :D See for yourself by visiting LSF Publications.