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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Little Ruthie - an ageplay book from Chloe Carpenter

A heads up on Chloe Carpenter's latest ageplay book, Little Ruthie. 20-year-old Ruthie teams up with an older man called Tom, who as her 'Daddy', helps her turn all her fantasies into reality, including regression, discipline, and a little humiliation. A great storyline and some hot scenes. If you're into ageplay you'll love this new release.

Here's a taster, just after Ruthie's first spanking from Tom.


“I feel all toasty and warm all over,” purred Ruthie.

“Well,” said Tom as he screwed the lid back on the jar of cream and pulled up her panties, “that was your first spanking from me. And I've a feeling there's going to be plenty more.”

“Oh good,” said Ruthie. She looked at Tom slyly.

“You're a little minx. Don't think I don't know that you engineered that spanking. But let me tell you this, poppet, I call the shots. I was itching to spank you and was glad of the opportunity. Shall I tell you why?”


“Because I wanted to observe your reaction and get a feel for your tolerance level. And in my opinion, we've only just scratched the surface. Am I right?”

“I have to admit, you're not wrong.” Ruthie grinned. “But that was a hard spanking and my bottom is all sore!”

“You asked for it and you got it,” chuckled Tom. He sat down next to her and reached over to pull her close, one arm around her shoulders, his free hand stroking her silken hair.

It was the most natural thing in the world for Ruthie to snuggle up close. She did so without any qualms or hesitation. It felt so right. She flung one arm around his waist and practically purred in contentment.


“Oh yes,” she murmured, enjoying the physical closeness and the emotional bond that was already developing between them.

“I'm glad to hear it, because there's something I need to talk to you about. I have a proposition for you, Ruthie.”


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Little Lizbet:A BDSM ageplay romance by Chloe Carpenter

Chloe Carpenter has created a wonderful age play character called Lizbet. She is just entering into a relationship with Daniel, her new 'Daddy', and is about to find out the difference between a good girl spanking and a bad girl spanking!

The persistent ring of the telephone disturbed her dreams. She groaned and ignored it, snuggling back down under the duvet. The room was silent for a minute or two, and then the phone rang again … and kept on ringing until she reluctantly reached out and answered it.

“What?” she said grumpily.

“'What'? Is that the right way to address your Daddy?”

“Oh! Oh! Daniel – it's you. Hello. I was sleeping.” She sat up and rubbed her sleepy eyes.

“Sleeping at two in the afternoon? You're kidding me.”

“Am not,” she said sleepily. “I was very very tired.”

“And why were you very very tired?”

“Um. I, er … went to bed late.”

“What time did you go to bed, Lizbet?”

“Ah well, the first time was shortly after I got in last night. But I couldn't sleep you see so I, er … I got up.” There was a silence on the line. She knew he expected more. “I had cookies and coffee and I still wasn't in the least bit tired so I played on the computer. I found out lots of interesting things. I-”

“Lizbet. I asked you what time you went to bed.”

“Um. I think it was 6:45am. I went straight to sleep then.”

“I can see we need to discuss sensible bedtimes, Lizbet, Little girls who go to bed at 6:45 in the morning get their bottoms soundly spanked.”

“Oh,” said Lizbet, and once his statement had registered fully, repeated “Oh,” this time with a degree of eagerness. A nice spanking from her new Daddy was something to look forward to.

He picked up on her tone. “There are good girl spankings, Lizbet … and then there are bad girl spankings. And you are a bad girl for going to bed stupidly late.”


Friday, June 13, 2014

Abigail Armani's Compendium of Unusual Spanking Implements

Ok, so we are all familiar with run-of-the-mill spanking implements such as paddles, canes and crops - but what about other types of implements? Here is a list of some of the more unusual spanking implements, and some are quite hilarious! All of the implements listed are featured in spanking stories, and I've included a little extract from each one. If you have other unusual implements you'd like me to include, drop me a note at abigailarmani2 [at] gmail.com and I'll slot them in.

Back Scratcher
Call For Discipline by Paris Annette Morreau
Extract: At the appointed hour, Kimi walked on trembling legs into her boss' office. For 15 minutes she paced, wringing her hands while her heart pounded, terrified of the event about to take place. When Ms. Dalton entered the room, Kimi felt a cold prickle of fear. Without a word, her boss put down her briefcase and her purse, removed a white ivory back scratcher from her desk drawer and walked over to the sofa on the other side of the room.

"Come here, young lady," she commanded, "and stand next to me."

Bagpipe chanter
Poltergeist! by Kilahara
Extract: Her father set sail once more, and did a circuit of the moat, catching a mess of eels for supper along the way. As he brought his loaded creel into the Castle later, and ascended the stone stairs to his quarters above, he needed both hands. One to carry the creel, the other for the hand rail. 'Swat!' and the chanter from a discarded set of bagpipes became suddenly animated and sliced into his behind.


Publications by Kilahara (as Ross Mariner) can be found here.

Beaver tail

Mountain Retreat by Canadian Spankee
Extract: As he stripped off his clothing, she looked around the cabin for something to use. Her eyes landed on the beaver tail, used in the spring and fall to beat the dust from the mattresses and furniture, it was the only way to clean them considering the isolated situation. Picking the beaver tail up she could tell there was no danger of breaking it off from its attached handle.

Turning her attention back to Jim, who was now naked by the couch, she took her seat and bent him over her lap. She would start with her hand for the first few dozen and then the beaver tail would do the talking.

Publications by Canadian Spankee (as Lewis Stone) can be found here.

Bell pull
Fairy Tale - Part 2 by Linda
Extract: "Ok," shrugged the Prince, and looked around him. Ah - perfect! Tucking his recalcitrant Princess under his arm, he carried her to the table and bent her over it, securing her with one hand on her back and a foot against her ankles. With his free hand he reached for the bell-rope and yanked it free of its moorings, then doubled it over and began to apply it with vigour to her already reddened rear. Thwack!"I said -" Thwipp! "- are you ready -" Crack! "- to be -" Thwack "- reasonable?" Thwipp! Five red lines had appeared on her skin, making, he thought, a very pleasant pattern. He added another crack just to make it an even number.

Publications by Linda (as Geraldine Hillis) can be found here.

Boot sole
Bengali Girl by Hawk
Extract: I lifted the inch thick boot sole and sat on a chair. First I told Riya to remove her suit jacket, then I told her to come over and bend over my knee.

Hesitantly Riya lowered herself over my lap. I pushed her tight pinstriped skirt up to the small of her back giving me a view of her shapely bottom encased in a gossamer white pair of panties.

Bringing the boot sole down as hard as I could, I heard Riya let out a yelp. She clawed into the rug with her French manicured nails as I walloped soundly with the leather.

Bread board
All For A Treehouse by Thomas Bruns
Extract: She pulled him into the kitchen and, with one mighty hand still trapping him, she opened a drawer and grabbed out a breadboard.

"Wait," he started. This had gone too far. She couldn't spank him, could she? Wasn't that against the law or something?

Of course, there was no waiting to the situation. She dragged him into the living room and over to the couch. She sat down heavily and dropped the massive breadboard beside her. She let go of his wrist, but her hands moved too quickly to his jeans for him to escape. He twisted and pulled, but it did no good. She unsnapped his jeans quite easily and pulled them to his ankles. He wailed in protest...

Thomas Bruns is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Bungee cord
Thor's Thumpers - Part 1 by John Benson
Extract: They would dearly love to haul Betty outside, bend her over the saddle of one of the Harleys, remove her uniform skirt and everything under it, and spank her with bungee cords. "Might as well," said Fats. "Nothing else has worked."

So it was that just a few minutes later found Betty across the saddle of the lead Harley making an inverted 'U' shape. One bungee cord had her wrists together over her head, one had her ankles. A third was in Thor's hand, and its frequent contact with her bare ass made her wails change pitch like an air raid siren.

Publications by John Benson can be found here.

Butter pat
Curious Case Of ASS 2 by edb
Extract: "This is a butterpat my girl, and whilst it is designed to pat butter into shape, it is even more effective in teaching recalcitrant schoolgirls a lesson, an indubitable fact that you will shortly be learning when I 'pat' your bottom into shape!" said Miss Murgatroyd, smiling down at the distraught 'head girl', rubbing the wooden kitchen implement over the reddened cheeks, as the doctor's face grew wide in horror at the fate that awaited her derrière.

It was indeed some fate, for as the butterpat flashed up and down, imparting a decidedly fiery sting to her already woebegone cheeks, Suzi's eyes flew wide in surprised agony, the scintillating scorching after-burn left in its wake leaving her hollering like a banshee as she squirmed energetically over the headmistress's knee, all thoughts of decorum flown to the far flung corners of the milky way as she cavorted over Miss Murgatroyd's knee.

Carpet beater
Volunteer Disciplinarian Women Part 3 by Tomppa
Extract: She watched me sternly, looking into my eyes, and said that she believed that young men acted foolishly due to the fact that they couldn't handle their increasing level of male hormones. A good dose of the rattan carpet beater on the bare buttocks would cure that problem for a while.

We discussed bad behaviour for about 20 minutes, after which she announced that it was time for me to have my corporal punishment. She picked up the carpet beater in her right hand and I got over her knees.

Tomppa (as Tom Rosenstierna) is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Cat o nine tails
Christian School Spankings - Part 4 by Chuckbruder
Extract: Mrs. Reynolds went to the rack of implements and took down a riding crop, cat-o-nine tails whip, and the heavy black leather paddle. She came back and started to lecture the girl.

"Now you listen here, Missy. You have talked back to me too many times this week. You are a pathological liar. You lie about everything. You are lazy and don't finish your homework. You curse at the other girls. You are not taking your religious duties seriously. And you have a terribly bad attitude about just everything. The spanking Dale gave you last week has not corrected any of these things. Do you know what that means?"

Chuck Bruder is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Cheese board
A Victorian Adventure part 13 by The English Master
Extract: "So do you understand, my dear, why you must be punished?"

I bowed my head and nodded.

It was then that she picked up the 'tray' - not a tray at all, of course, but your old friend (and now, to my cost, an acquaintance of mine as well) - the cheeseboard. As she gripped it by the short handle and I saw its rectangular thickness, I suddenly understood not only what it was, but also what it was for!

Aunt shifted forward to the edge of her chair, planted her feet squarely on the rug and said,

"Over here, please, my dear."

I rose and made my way reluctantly to her side.

"Remove your dressing-gown and arrange yourself over my lap."

I could not take my eyes off the board in her hand, and I could feel my bottom tensing and tingling as I took off my outer garment and draped myself across her knees.

The English Master (as Stanlegh Meresith) is featured in compilations which can be found here.

Chopping board
Edna by Flogmaster
Extract: Jack had me get the leather strap from the hook in the kitchen. While I was getting it I noticed the large wooden cutting board and I brought that out to him too. He was delighted, and decided to use it before we got to the serious strapping stage.

He had the two girls stand just as they were, with their hands on their heads. He made them spread their legs wide and relax their bottoms. Then he began to paddle them. He alternated, giving them each one stroke, then two each, then three each. During each series the other girl had to stand and listen while her sister was punished, knowing that in just a moment she'd be feeling that paddle again. I watched the two girls lean back to catch glimpses of each other's red bottoms.

Publications by Flogmaster (as Frank Martinet) can be found here.

Clothes brush
Angela's Story - Part 12 by DJ Black
Extract: A few days later, as promised, David took me to task for playing dating games to make him jealous. Despite my still very sore bottom, I received a hearty spanking with a clothes brush that had me climbing the walls, or would have done if I could have broken free of David's knee. Afterwards, between sobs I made a genuine heartfelt apology and kissed the back of the brush that had so vigorously kissed my bottom. After David had assured himself that I had done all my work for the day, I was directed to the corner were I stood bare bottomed for the rest of the evening.

Publications by DJ Black can be found here.

Coal shovel
Tricked And Treated by Alex B.
Extract: Then Trisha saw the shape of the missing shovel as it was lifted into the air. There was a faint whooshing sound followed by a loud clang as the flat end of the shovel made contact with Trisha's backside. She yelped at the force of the swat. She'd known the flat smack of a paddle and the sharp sting of more than one hairbrush, but this was different. It was harder and seemed more direct. It covered more area and it really, really stung! Another slap quickly landed causing Trisha to gasp. The clanging sound as each swat landed added a dimension to the spanking that Trisha found strangely erotic. There was a certain humiliating charm to the fact that each smack had a ring of its own. Over and over the shovel came down onto the young woman's scantily clad cheeks. The gossamer fabric of her silken genie costume offered Trisha's bottom little protection against the onslaught of stinging spanks.

Conductor's baton
Man From Berlin (Vol.22) - Part 18 by R Humphries
Extract: Deborah was struggling to get free, but she was pinned down. The Music Dame sliced her conductor's baton down across Deborah's naked orbs.

Debs was struggling and kicking and yelling obscenities at Ms Whitton. The baton she was using was a four-gram Model Bernardi with a shaft and handle made from African birch. It measured fifteen inches long. Despite its light-weight the baton was extremely flexible and Debs' yells of indignation soon became yells of distress under the ferocious assault.

Cricket bat
Dressless Hush by barretthunter
Extract: "For ungentlemanly conduct, Miss Hay is to receive one smack from each member of the team, plus our Hopswich guests the Earl of Skegness, Mr Mellors, Mr Hughes and Mr Porritt, to be delivered with each man's bat." She could hear the oily satisfaction in the miserable little man's voice.

"Jolly good, what fun!" said the Earl.

Susan began to writhe and kick, but strong hands overpowered her and shoved several pairs of pads under her groin to make her bottom stick up more. Mike Pullen was first on strike with a lusty blow full on her right cheek.

Barett Hunter is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Dog grooming brush
Hot Bottom Award Ceremony by Seegee
Extract: "I felt it only fitting that a dog brush be used to paint Paris's pampered backside a scorching hot red. If Julie could please hand me the brush we'll get started."

Ms Theron sat down in a sturdy, low backed chair that had been conveniently placed next to the podium for the presentation. As Miss Hilton seemed to have temporarily lost the use of her legs, she was manhandled over the statuesque blonde's knees by Ms Andrews.

Publications by Seegee (as Frank Limadere) can be found here.

Dog leash
Aunt Joan, Dave & Me - Part 06 by Quillis
Extract: My leash had been taken off so it wouldn't get caught up in my knees while romping around and as I accepted her soft touch she refastened it. Then she led me around the room a few times. I was on my knees and no longer a cat. Now I was a puppy who needed to be trained to heel. Except for a few sharp pulls on the leash which were somewhat unpleasant to my neck, it was getting us both to laugh. I thought it would be funny if I lifted one leg up while we were passing the chair. Sort of like a dog marking its territory. She calmly said, "No no, bad dog. You have to be housebroken." No true dog lover would have chastised a puppy the way she punished me. She used the handle end of the leash on my rear end. Still in my role as her new pet I tried to scramble away but she had a hold of my collar and I was not going anywhere as the leather came down again and again. It was not hard enough to leave any lasting marks but it was starting to hurt and I reverted to being a slave getting a well deserved reminder of her mistress's discipline. I put my head to the floor and raised her target to meet the assault.

Quillis (as Quentin Quillis) is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Drum sticks
Drumming Her Bottom by kmarthy
Extract: "So, young lady," he began. "Since you apparently feel that my drums are not a suitable way to practice, I think that I need to find another method. And since my drums are out of commission, I think that your bottom is the perfect drum to practice on." Amy whipped around to see Josh standing there, a pair of drumsticks in his hand.

"Oh, Josh, please! Please don't!" she cried.

"I didn't tell you you could turn around, now did I?" he said. "Unless you want ten extra swats, put your nose back in the corner." She reluctantly obeyed. "Now, get over here and bend over these pillows," he commanded. "I want your back arched nice and high for me. If you decide to stop arching, your bottom will pay the price. Squirming out of position is not an option. Covering your bottom with your hands is also not an option. I almost feel sorry for you, young lady - these drumsticks are going to hurt. But you earned this. You'll be pleased to know that we are playing some rather complex, fast songs right now. I'll need to practice those." She gulped. "Get your bottom over these pillows. Quickly."

Fan belt
Spanking For The Long Haul by Ryan Rowland
Extract: The rubber belt, used to drive a car's fan, alternator, and water pump, etc., was an inch wide and nearly a quarter-inch thick. One side had grooves to make it more flexible, while the other was hard and flat. He had cut off two pieces each about fourteen inches long. Laying one piece atop the other, he held the near ends together and spread the far ends to form a narrow 'V', then wrapped the handle end with duct tape to hold the two pieces together and form a secure grip. If he had been more familiar with traditional spanking implements, he might have compared it to a split tawse. Testing it on Lisa's bare bottom during one of her 'stay-awake' spankings, he had found it to be a wickedly effective punishment tool. The close confines of the truck's cab limited his ability to use some other implements. But with little more than a snap of his wrist, he could swing the short, heavy rubber strap and create welts and bruises equivalent to a thick leather belt swung full-force at arm's length. Previously, he had used it with mostly light strokes to warm and redden Lisa's backside, but he knew what it could accomplish with a bit more force. Gripping it firmly, he knelt on the edge of the bunk and tapped the flat side against the middle of her bottom.

Publications by Ryan Rowland can be found here.

Fish slice
Fish Slice Farce by flopsybunny
Extract: "Miss Poops - if you would be so kind - turn around and show the customers your bare bottom if you please. And look sharp about it. We haven't got all day."

With a resigned shrug, Miss Poops hitched up her skirt and pulled down her knickers, giving the pair of Whoppers a fine view of her welted red bottom.

"Oh I say," said Mr Whopper, obviously impressed.

"We sell a lot of these fish slices," said Miss Poops. "And none have ever been returned as faulty goods."

"Exactly so," agreed Mr Whacker. "What you see here is a very sound product, easy to use, and does the job perfectly."

"Excellent," proclaimed Mrs Whopper. She snatched the fish slice and waved it around wildly. "I take it you won't object if we try before we buy?"

"Be my guest," said Mr Whacker benignly.

Publications by flopsybunny (as Abigail Armani) can be found here and (as Lucy Appleby) here.

Fishing rod
English Spanking - Part 2: Wet Bottoms by Malahide
Extract: "Girls your language just now was not acceptable. I have, therefore, decided to give you both eight hard strokes with this fishing rod on your wet bare behinds."

The fishing rod was thin, bendy and long. Raising it to shoulder height I whacked it hard down onto their bare rumps.

Swish !! Whack !! Smack !! The rod smacked hard down on to their naked tailends. They positively screamed.

"Oh hell this is so painful! You are cutting us to pieces!"

Malahide (as Thomas Malahide) is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Fly swatter
The Pet Shop by flopsybunny
Extract: "Ow - that HURTS!" yelled Grace. She began kicking her legs. The policeman ignored her and slammed his hand down even harder. "Stop it - pig!"

"Oh, pig is it? That's earned you an extra dozen with the fly swatter. Hand it over Mr Nelson."

"Certainly, officer," said Mr Nelson. He scuttled into the shop and returned with a long plastic fly swatter; the base was shaped like a hand.

The policeman nodded in appreciation and used it to whack Grace's bottom until it was bright red and stingy. At some point in the proceedings, Grace began to realise that she was actually enjoying the spanking. Stunned at the realisation, she lay limply over the policeman's knee with a little smile on her face.

Publications by flopsybunny (as Abigail Armani) can be found here and (as Lucy Appleby) here.

Frying pan
Fishy Tale by flopsybunny
Extract: Resignedly, Harry bared his bottom and assumed the all too familiar position over the end of the kitchen table. Edna licked her lips at the sight of his pale buttocks. She raised her right arm and brought the frying pan down across the centre of both buttocks.

"Aaaiieeeee!" shrieked Harry. "That fekking hurts!"

"Good," smirked Edna, and carried on whacking her husband with the frying pan.

Harry got seven stingers with the frying pan. One for each hour he wasted whilst out fishing. Although he pretended not to, he hugely enjoyed the whacking and the burning after effects as he sat squirming on his chair eating his fish supper. The perfect end to a day!

Publications by flopsybunny (as Abigail Armani) can be found here and (as Lucy Appleby) here.

Grilled shoulder steak
Helen's Freezer Fiasco by Linda
Extract: Helen kicked and yelled and babbled. "It was steak ... honest! But ... ouch! It was shoulder steak and not sirloin ... and shoulder needs to be stewed ... and when I grilled it ... it was like leather!"

"Leather, eh? Maybe that's what we need here ... a good dose of leather!" So saying, he fumbled under the grill and brought out a piece of what had been intended for their dinner.

Helen's yell confirmed that, yes, grilled shoulder steak did indeed have the consistency of leather. A dozen more smacks had her bottom red ... and a trifle greasy ... then Danny began to see the funny side. He threw aside the piece of meat, wishing they had a dog to dispose of it, and flipped Helen over to face him. "You," he said, kissing her warmly, "are totally crazy. You know that?"

Publications by Linda (as Geraldine Hillis) can be found here.

Hymn book
Blasphemy's Reverberations by Grace Brackenridge
Extract: So there in the front-row pew, Mrs. Calvin pulled me over her lap, flipped up my black Sunday dress, pulled down my white cotton panties, and spanked me bare with a hardcover hymn book.

That's the one and only time I ever got spanked by a woman while I was growing up. And honestly, that spanking changed my life.

I still recall the reverberating acoustics. Hymn book against skin. My echoing wails. The tapping of Mrs. Calvin's shoe toe, as she kept rhythm with her strokes.

Grace Brackenridge is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Knotted rope
Perfect Gentleman by John Benson
Extract: She thought she could not feel more vulnerable than this posture, until his hands yanked her panties to mid-thigh. She whimpered. She was thirteen again. The little girl who had tested the borderline between assertive and lippy once too often and was going to be paid back by the edge of Daddy's leather belt.

The knotted rope descended and pain blossomed. She moaned. It was a deep pain. More like being punched in the ass than being spanked. Oh! There it was again. She was naughty. Helpless. Getting the punishment she deserved. Oh! She moaned and whimpered. Her bottom did an obscene little dance in counterpoint to the whip. Desire mingled with the pain, leaving her half shocked, half triumphant.

Publications by John Benson can be found here.

Leather scabbard
Lady Margaret's Penance by Guyde
Extract: he sword scabbard made an excellent device for inflicting corporal punishment. Stiff enough to stand proud, flexible enough to impart a vicious crack, and hard enough to make a grown man cry.

He laid it across the center of her bottom.

"Sir, how many? How many must I take?"

"As many as it takes for me to be satisfied."

Her head fell back down in total despair.

He lifted his right hand as high as his head, pointing the scabbard horizontally. And then he hit her.

The swish was satisfyingly loud - but the crack! In the small bare office, the crack was as loud as a musket.

Guyde (as David E. Guy) is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Lettuce leaf
Ballad Of Algernon Bun by J Wackford Colton
Extract: "Hold out your hand you naughty thief!"
He only had a lettuce leaf.
Down came the leaf but quelle surprise!
The shop rang out with groans and cries!
At last they'd found a spanking true
To make the brat his misdeeds rue.

Soon the news went far and wide,
And to a bench was Algy tied
Down came his pants and undies too
And soon there formed an eager queue
of folk with leaves held in the air
Now Algy really did despair.

Publications by J wackford Colton can be found here.

Liquorice strips
Tale Of A Cake by Linda
Extract: "Not at all," you replied pleasantly, as you continued to smack me. "You're being spanked because you're getting yourself all wound up over a Birthday cake."

For a moment, you stopped, and I thought it was over.

Then ... "Yeeeeeeeouch!" Who would have thought that liquorice straps could pack such a sting? I yelled and screeched as those sugar-coated strips lit a fire in my poor behind.

At last, when my bottom felt as though I'd been sat in a bunch of nettles, you flipped me upright and held me in your arms.

Publications by Linda (as Geraldine Hillis) can be found here.

Loopy Johnny
But Honeeeyyyyy! by otkgirl
Extract: "All right, Missy, upstairs, to the bedroom, wait for me and keep that dress off your fanny when you do." I yes Ma'amed her and scooted upstairs, feeling foolish, with my stockings untabbed, my dress held high, but I hushed like she wanted me to, no back-talking now.

She followed me, so she had a very good look as I went up the stairs.

"On the bed, little girl ..." - So embarrassing, when she calls me little girl when I'm being punished - at the end of the bed, head and shoulders down, All the way flat on the bed, feet off the end of the bed, that plump little rump nice and high."

I did as she told me, softly crying...

And heard her get something from the drawer.

"Know why you are getting these?"

I nodded, then squealed loudly as she whipped the dreaded Loopy Johnny down hard over my fanny! The innocent looking rubber loops feeling like they were cutting into my swollen bottom!

"Yes Ma'am, yes Ma'am! Cause I didn't keep my mouth shut, Ma'am!"

otkgirl (as Angie Johnson) is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Mastodon rib
Evolution Of Spanking by Raptor
Extract: Thag picked up a piece of Mastodons rib left over from last weeks meal. It was easily as wide as his hand and as long as his arm from hand to elbow. It would do nicely. Gronk would get her comeuppance, and still be able to cook supper.

Thag seized Gronk by the hair and dragged her backwards. In doing so, he tripped over the dire wolf puppy Gronk kept as a pet, back-pedalled three or four steps, and sat heavily on a big rock covered in animal skins. Gronk somehow landed across his lap with her big, bare, behind now thrust high into the air.

Thag wasted no time in applying the flat side of the rib bone to Gronk's bottom. He gave her at least two dozen thundering smacks, covering her Percheron sized sit-upon from top to bottom and painting a blush on the tremendous cheeks as colourful as a Palaeolithic sunset.

Raptor (as Mahion Hayduke) Bruns is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Cheese Monsters by flopsybunny
Extract: The cheese monsters were ecstatic. This was such fun. This was almost as much fun as eating cheese. They pushed and shoved, refused to patiently wait to take turns, and ended up spanking her all three together. They used their hands for the task, plus a wooden spoon they found in the kitchen drawer, and one of them even whacked away happily with his big German sausage of a nose! And then, as the clock chimed midnight they collectively gave one final joyous screech accompanied by three hard whacks on Jimmy's mum's bottom, and then they disappeared. Poof! Gone.

Publications by flopsybunny (as Abigail Armani) can be found here and (as Lucy Appleby) here.

Omelette pan
Bottom Inspector - Part 4 by flopsybunny
Extract: A bunch of old ladies had rolled up their sleeves and were slapping the other assistants bottoms with their hands. One enterprising lady went upstairs to Household goods and borrowed an omelet pan. It crashed down unmercifully on Miss Pilchards rump. The man from the dry cleaners across the road was enjoying himself hugely by whacking bare bottoms with his library book.

(Published by LSF Publications as Abigail Armani) AND (Published by LSF Publications as Lucy Appleby)

Paint stir stick
Friends, Cell Phones & Surprises - Part 05 by Miss Lizzy
Extract: Kylee had been reaching for some silicon tape when River pushed her face down across the broad work bench. Within seconds her bottom was bare and River, that sneaky sucker, was holding her legs up by her open overalls. "Naughty girl," he growled while smacking her still lightly welted cheeks with a paint stir stick. "Very naughty girl."

Publications by Miss Lizzy (as Elizabeth Belmont) can be found here.

I've Caught You by Neil
Extract: Ken was in big trouble, but his rictus grin and immaculate coiffure changed not one iota.

"It's a bare bottom spanking for you," warned Shelley, waving her pencil menacingly.

And she duly slipped Ken's trendy trousers down to his ankles, threw him across her knees and began spanking him with the pencil.

Publications by Neil (as Neil Dominik) can be found here.

Plastic spade
Building Castles by Linda
Extract: "And yet another thing," as you reached for one of the plastic spades we'd used in our nefarious doings. "What sort of a babysitter ..." SPANK! "... do you call yourself ..." SMACK! "... taking them out in the middle of the night?" SPLAT! "Jessica's only four, for God's sake!" SPANK!

I shrieked as you brought the spade down hard on my bottom. "AOW ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry! I ... OUCH! ... didn't think!"


For a children's toy, that spade could fairly make itself felt! I wriggled and yelled, but you didn't stop until every inch of my backside was burning and throbbing, and I was sure, a very fetching shade of scarlet.

Publications by Linda (as Geraldine Hillis) can be found here.

Pool stick
Compulsion by John Benson
Extract: "Then we're going to bend her over a bar stool and whip her with a pool stick."

The guys guffawed. The chicks pretended not to notice. "I can't," she whined, but her hands were already raising up her hem. She was going to touch herself in front of the greedy eyes of strangers. She reached in, where moisture already betrayed her need. Naughty, naughty girl, letting people see what she'd always done in secret. They were going to whip her when this was over. How naughty and helpless could one girl feel? They were going to whip her hind, and that thought made her shudder with that fleeting joy that turned to shame. Strong hands grabbed her arms. Bent her over the stool. The pool cue swooshed.

Publications by John Benson can be found here.

Southern Exposure part 33 by TFS
Extract: "We heard the noise they were making and we snuck up to peek through gaps in the wall boards. Mom was stark naked and stretched out length wise over the horse so that her feet straddled the legs at one end and her arms at the other. Jim was flicking the quirt all over her butt and she was grinding herself against the top of the saw horse. Within minutes, she had a wild orgasm after which Jim picked her up and started carrying her toward the door.

TFS (as Steve Timmons) is featured in compilations which can be found here.

Sail batten
Betty's First Sail by Kilahara
Extract: Ron released her from his hold, ordering her to stand. She did as she was told. "Stand in the middle of the cockpit," he said, "then lean over and grab the seat with you hands. Nervously she obeyed. Feet on the floor (on a boat it's a sole,) head and shoulders down, her bare, burning bottom was raised. Then she knew what was coming. Ron picked up the sail batten, tested it in the air, and then she heard the 'Swish' of the thing as it sliced the air, and the same instant her checks caught fire. 'CRACK!' said the sail batten as it contacted her bottom, and the spanking was done.

Ron dropped the batten after that one mighty, 'CRACK!' He helped Betty to her feet, holding her close in his arms. "All over dear. You're forgiven now," and he gently wiped away her tears. For a long time they stood there, until her sobbing was done, and at last her arms encircled his neck. "Would you like some cooling lotion?" he kindly asked.

Publications by Kilahara (as Ross Mariner) can be found here.

Spanked With A Sausage! by flopsybunny
Extract: "I'll give you Ow Ow! You stupid, rude, thieving little wench. How do you like your bare bottom spanked in public, eh? I'm going to give you a thrashing you won't forget in a hurry. No-one steals my meat and gets away with it!!"

He pounded the hefty stick of sausage down on Natalie's bottom. It delivered quite a punch and very soon her pale moons were trembling pink. Natalie squealed in a combination of embarrassment, shock and pain, but the deli man paid no heed to her cries. He carried on whacking every inch of her bottom until it was bright red and throbbing.

"This will teach you not to steal!" The thick stick of pepperoni began battering the top of her thighs.

Publications by flopsybunny (as Abigail Armani) can be found here and (as Lucy Appleby) here.

Shoe horn
Howard's School Days by Canadian Spankee
Extract: The shoehorn was eighteen inches long, over an inch wide at its base. It narrowed down and then widened out again for a handle, carved out of quarter inch thick oak. He remembered her placing it there earlier during the day but had never realised its use until now. He felt her lightly tap his bare butt, even the slight taps made him flinch, and thinking about her applying it with any force was terrible to think about. He felt Sally pull him towards her and ensure her leg and hand pinned him securely. He knew the shoehorn would soon start making sure he did his papers on time from now on.

Thwack, the shoehorn started coming down at the same rate her hand had before, within thirty seconds his bawling became very loud and his kicking was now twice as fast as before. His one free hand was beating the floor by his head, all in an effort to take away the sting in his rear, but to no avail.

Publications by Canadian Spankee (as Lewis Stone) can be found here.

Soup ladle
King Thrushbeard Revisited - Part 4 by Dr Keate
Extract: The king's daughter now became a kitchen maid, and had to be available to the cook, and to do the dirtiest work. She worked hard and willingly from early morning till late at night, but there were always new chores to be done, and he did not make allowances for her clumsiness or lack of aptitude as Comas did. So when plates were dropped from tired hands, or grease was left unscrubbed by tired eyes, it was over the long table and skirts up for Jacquetta. No matter who was watching. She closed her eyes when he was pulling her drawers down and thought about Comas' humorous loving eyes to keep her mind away from thinking about her old life in her palace. Six or twelve whacks from the ladle across each bare little buttock blazed so fiercely that she was soon thinking about nothing but surviving this. But she never complained. She rubbed her bottom, and wiped her tears, and went back to work.

Publications by Dr Keate (as Karl Quentin) can be found here.

Spanking Machine
Spanking machine by js_anon
Extract: I couldn't see the buttons they pushed or how they set the dial. I would not know how long I would be spanked, or how, or with what until the dreadful machine began its job, and then, no matter what, I would get whatever I was going to get, no matter how I cried or pleaded or begged. The machine was going to spank me, and I would be helpless to change whatever was about to happen.

A light goes on. There is a whirring sound. In front of me, a panel opens. Two mechanical arms emerge. Each takes hold of one side of the top of my trousers and, slowly, slides them down. They are around my ankles now. But the arms return to their upper position and repeat the process; this time my underpants are pulled to the floor. I stand there, naked from the waist down, as the mechanical hands disappear back into the wall.

Now another panel opens in front of me, but lower. A padded stool pushes out from the machine's front, against my knees. I feel my hands being pulled forward; I am being tugged across the stool. Suddenly, clamps covered in soft cloth emerge from beneath the padded surface. One arches over my back and draws me down to the stool, holding me tight against it. Another circles behind my knees, gripping them tightly. My hands are released. I am now in the classic spanking position, unable to move my lower body, my bare behind prepared for whatever is to come.

js_anon (as H. Andrew Swinburne) is featured in compilations which can be found here.

The Absent-Minded Waitress by Alex Birch
Extract: "Excellent. Well we'll go there immediately and have a little talk. And we'll take the table reservation spatula with us. It could come in useful for what I have in mind. What's your name, girl?"

"Cara, Sir."

"Very well, Cara, lead the way!"

"What are you doing, Sir? I-I thought we were going to talk."

"I didn't get where I am today without creating a good impression on our customers, Cara. And sometimes that requires creating a very good impression on our waitresses. Usually via their bottoms! Now get across my knee!"

Stainless steel butter knife
Doll Man Is Disciplined Crimson Kid
Extract: She was wearing a black "The Mighty Avengers" movie t-shirt while carrying a piece of stainless steel which had originally been a butter knife-its long blade had been converted into a flat, smooth-surfaced oval shape, two inches in length by one-and-a-half inches in width and somewhat thicker than it had been, while its metallic handle had been moderately lengthened so she could grasp it more easily.

"My mini-spanker," she said breezily, rapidly twirling the instrument of correction with her fingers. "Heat vision to turn the knife red-hot and malleable, super-speed plus super-strength to shape it just the way I wanted, finally super-breath to cool it off-anyone can do it, at least any Kryptonian." Her blue eyes twinkled. "Of course, the proof of the paddle is in the spanking."

Publications by Crimson kid (as Carlton Kristain) can be found here.

Bunch of stinging nettles
2084 - Part 24 by Jack Crawford 2418
Extract: Granny reached into the buck after first putting on a pair of leather gloves. She pulled out what looked like a bouquet of flowers, but there were no actual flowers! "These are called 'stinging nettles', Michelle, and you'll know what happens when I apply them in just a few minutes."

Her grandmother then proceeded to whip Michelle's bottom, the backs and insides of her thighs, and even reached up to spread Michelle's bottom cheeks to give her a few brisk licks of the nettles there. As granny dropped the nettles back into the bucket and tossed the gloves on top of them, Michelle could feel her skin begin to crawl, sting, itch and burn! Granny simply added, "You'll have a harder time sitting still, young lady!" and stalked off the stage.

Publications by Jack Crawford can be found here.

Tennis racquet
Game Set And Match by barretthunter
Extract: "Let me go! What are you doing? I'll tell your daddy! Help! Someone might see!" the Indian girl complained foolishly to no effect but to make her conqueror smile. After a few stinging hand slaps on the knickered target, the blonde expertly hooked her finger in the top elastic and peeled the tiny garment down to knee level. The girl began to struggle, causing the plump cheeks to push and rub against each other in fascinating variations, but her captor held her tight with one long arm while the other picked up a tennis racket. Still unaware of her audience, she began to bring the meat of the racket down hard on the meat of the arse, managing with considerable skill to avoid making contact with the frame. After six good thwacks had left a neat pattern of lines on her generous brown canvas, she dropped the racket and pulled off one of her victim's tennis shoes, raising her arm high above her head and bringing the shoe down with merciless force.

Barett Hunter is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Rosie In Space - Part 1 by Neil
Extract: "Then let the discipline commence, eight administrations, stepped rising at 10%, please!"
declared Graakh.

"Ooh, you're really for it, the full eight!" whispered ViKi with a delighted chuckle, trying not to bubble in public.

Then several things happened at once; Rosie felt ViKi's body tense then surge, and dozens of tiny stinging cells in ViKi's outlying tentacles activated across her sensitive palms and the soles of her feet, whilst the claws on the three other tentacles tightened, then transmitted sharp exquisite stimuli to her nipples and clitoris, whilst the fifth tentacle also pulsed and shimmered with energy deep inside her. And the final hitherto-unused tentacle looped in the air and came down with a loud flat slap across Rosie's exposed buttocks. The dome crackled and boomed with the released energy, and Rosie squawked and bucked as much as her tight bonds would allow.

Publications by Neil (as Neil Dominik) can be found here.

Timber cladding
Gathering Winter Fuel by Valerie
Extract: He'd caught her gripping a three-foot length of larch cladding and suddenly she and her prize were yanked unceremoniously over the threshold.

"Pppleease! I j-just wanted some k-k-kindling ... ," she gibbered.

"Ye shouda' asked! It'll cost ye'!" the big man shouted as he upended her over a handy trestle, retrieved the dropped plank and proceeded to whack the seat of her (thinnest!) trousers, as hard as he could, several dozen times.

She swore, squirmed, sobbed, shrieked - all to absolutely no avail. Suddenly it was over and almost gently he helped her up, patting her shoulder awkwardly.

And grinned!

Publications by Valerie (as Flora Sharp) can be found here.

Boy Scout Spankings - Part 2 by Malahide
Extract: "Your mother did not say anything about leaving white skin on your bums," replied Dicky. "I am going to smack in here with something. Any ideas what with girls?"

"Fucking hell" groaned Lisa "I can't believe him. He is asking us what to smack our bum holes with!!!!"

"A toothbrush," suggested Jane in a low voice.

"Splendid! Quite splendid! And I can clean you down there with toothpaste as well," he added. Dicky Guest was one for original ideas.

"Need to throw the toothbrush away afterwards," muttered Lisa.

Malahide (as Thomas Malahide) is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Pushy Goes Back To School by barretthunter
Extract: After a few mock-affectionate and proprietary hand-pats, he brought her own truncheon down on the meat of her generous rump. A few repeat shots followed before he handed the truncheon to a sixth-former who concentrated on her left cheek while he himself began a series of measured, steady, stinging thwacks on the right cheek with a trainer from one of the lads. Stupidly, Pushpa began to protest and threaten. The announcement "I'm a police officer! I warn you!" was met with raucous laughter and a positive rain of sharp smacks harder than before.

Barett Hunter is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Venetian blind rod
Janie's Rule by John Benson
Extract: Janie's room was a loft, a platform above half the high-ceilinged living room, accessible by a small spiral stair case. Dawn thought it was the neatest space in the house, but now she followed Janie up reluctantly, wishing she hadn't said 'long' and 'hard.' She took off her robe, knowing the pjs would soon follow. She was going to get a spanking.

"Know what this is?" Janie asked. There was something in her hand, a two-foot plastic rod.

"Um, yeah. The thing off a Venetian blind. The thing you twist to shut them up."

"It's what I'm going to whip you with today. Come here."

Dawn's pjs came down and she was positioned kneeling across the seat of the desk chair. She doubted that wimpy plastic thing was going to do much to make her feel sorry, but she was wrong, and it was a very punished, repentant girl who was let up many minutes later and told to wash the tears off her face and go get dressed.

Publications by John Benson can be found here.

Violin bow
The Final Flogging part 1 by R Humphries
Extract: It had often occurred to Deborah Morton that she might well be the only individual in the world who had had a violin bow specifically commissioned for the sole purpose of beating her booty.

Having retrieved the bow Debs continued her journey to the front of the music room. Once she arrived she rather unenthusiastically proffered the violin bow to Tatyana. The Maestra swept back her hood revealing her wizened face and thick iron-grey hair. She reached out her strong hand and took the bow from Debs and pointed at the stool.

"You will be bending over Miss Morton," she said emotionlessly.

"I suppose I will," muttered Debs despondently and she stepped up onto the dais.

Wet towel
Family Dinner by Totzman
Extract: "I know," Jeff said. "That's why I'm going to have to take this up a notch. Make this a little more uncomfortable for you."

"No!" Sally said. "It was going so nicely. Come on, pick up that hairbrush and give me some spankings."

"No," Jeff said. "Kelsey, I'd like you to go to the bathroom and bring me a hand towel, please. Allison, I'd like you to bring me a bucket of cold water."

Sally's blood went cold.

"Jeff, no!" Sally said. "Not towel smacks! Those sting so badly!"

Jeff patted Sally's bottom.

"I know, dear," Jeff said. "But I'm afraid hairbrush spankings just aren't doing the job right now."

Sally frowned. She didn't like Jeff implying that punishment was supposed to be unpleasant.

Totzman (as Frankie Totz) is featured in a compilation which can be found here.

Wooden Lath
The Woodshed by js_anon
Extract: He picked up a wooden lath about eight inches long and half an inch thick as he pressed down on my back, forcing me over the bench. In one second, I felt the sting of the lath on my bottom, and I continued to feel it for about a minute, the sting growing into a painful heat, my bottom soon fully afire from the steady rain of smacks. As I mentioned, I had been spanked before, but always by hand, and never for so long, and never so hard.

That was how I realized that the woodshed would have a special place in my life.

js_anon (as H. Andrew Swinburne) is featured in compilations which can be found here.

Me And My Big Mouth! by Teddybear
Extract: "No need to walk back to my desk little girl .. take a couple steps backwards then put your hands on your knees."

I do as I'm told .. what choice did I have .. and I feel the hem of my shirt rising as I bend over then of course he took the yardstick and flipped it up on my back. The yardstick stung much worse then I ever dreamed and he made me count out each whack this time which made it even worse. Then I erased a check mark and went back to the corner. I got all five spankings that afternoon and all five were different .. first with the paddle .. then the yardstick .. the next he made me lay over his lap and I got it with a wooden ruler and after that I was over his lap again and got what he called a good old fashioned hand spanking.