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Saturday, February 01, 2014

A Disciplined Wife - Daisy disciplined over the new dining table!

Hey - it's Saturday Spanks again! Here's a little scene setter from Treasured Memories of a Disciplined Wife - my next Saturday spanks will feature my forthcoming book which is a BDSM romance:

Daisy has deliberately defied Frank and gone ahead and bought a new dining table and six matching chairs. Frank is NOT pleased and has a little chat with her about it - which translates into Daisy standing naked in the dining room waiting for Frank to deal with her with his leather belt. And when he does, it is over the cold hard polished mahogany surface of the new dining table.

Snippet follows:

"Right Daisy, that's eight with the belt - but surely you don't think that's all there is?"

She had to admit, she had hoped that was the case. Wrong.

"How many new dining chairs do we have, Daisy?"

"Six," she said nervously.

"That's correct; six. I'll tell you what's going to happen next... I'm going to sit on each one in turn, and you're going over my knee, and I'm going to give you a different punishment on each chair. I suppose you can regard it as a kind of Musical Chairs, only without the music - all the sound will be you squealing as I deal with your bottom."


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There's plenty more fun snippets to check out from some wonderful authors. Have fun :)