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Monday, March 16, 2015

What do good girls get after a spanking ...?

In this extract from Dana and the Drifter, Dana has been spanked and forgiven. What comes next? Soft kisses, having your lover bathe you in a cloud of bubbles and scented water, and paying extra special attention to all those little nooks and crannies...


He kissed her and ruffled her hair. "I'm in love with you, Dana Morgan."

"And I with you." She smiled through her tears and was about to say more, but his mouth clamped down firmly on hers.

He broke away and took her hand. "Come with me. I'm gonna run you a bath and scrub the paint off you. It's even in your hair, you silly woman."

She smiled ruefully. "Guess I should have tied it back and worn a baseball cap." She watched as Ethan ran the water and tipped some bubble lotion into the tub. "My butt stings like I've sat on a nest of ants."

"Let that be a lesson to you then," he said acerbically, but his eyes twinkled. "You know, I didn't use anywhere near full force with the belt. You've probably been spanked just as hard with my hand."

She considered his words. "Well it was different this time. It was no fun."

"It wasn't supposed to be. It was punishment. The dynamics are different."

She nodded and rubbed her stinging bottom, then gasped as Ethan lifted her bodily into the tub.

"This will sting," he said.

"Yeowww!" squealed Dana. "Ow! Ow! It does! It really does! I mean it really does."

Ethan chuckled as she sank down into the tub, her slick pink skin visible through the rising cloud of fragrant bubbles ... one knee... two, a shoulder, a soft breast with tantalisingly perky nipples peeping out through the suds. Kneeling beside the bath, he reached for the wash cloth and soap.

Dana began to relax. "No one has ever bathed me before," she admitted. "I like it."

"Good. We'll make a habit of it if you're a good girl and behave yourself."

Dana squirmed and giggled as he washed her hair and rinsed it, then proceeded to soap every tender nook and cranny, taking special care with certain areas.

"Um. You're very ... thorough," whispered Dana as the cloth massaged her pussy.

"Uh huh." He grinned. "Now you need to turn over. There are other areas that need my attention."

She obligingly rolled over, triggering a small tidal wave in the process, water sploshing over his feet and legs.

"On your knees, woman. Raise that naughty bottom up high for me." His grin deepened as her bright red bottom emerged through the suds like a welcoming beacon.


Dana and the Drifter is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hearts of Gold

A dominant man teams up with a feisty female in this period western featuring some good old-fashioned spanking and domestic discipline, plus a helping of romance.


The year is 1859, and Jesse King is a lucky man in more than ways than one. Not only has he discovered gold whilst out prospecting near the South Platte river close to the base of the Rocky Mountains, he also wins the heart of the tempestuous Eleanor Miller. On his way to the Wells Fargo office, he stops to help Eleanor who has injured her arm whilst chopping wood. After her initial distrust vanishes, Eleanor invites Jesse to stay to supper, and he ends up staying several days, helping around the place while Eleanor's arm heals.

The two enjoy each others company and the chemistry between them flares, but Eleanor finds out that she can only push this handsome enigmatic cowboy so far before he retaliates by spanking her bottom! It seems that a good old-fashioned spanking is exactly what Eleanor needs to help curb her sassy ways - and the lovemaking that follows is a whole new and exciting experience for her.

One day, Jesse promises Eleanor a surprise on his return from Windy Creek, vowing to return to her in a week. But as the weeks pass, he fails to return. Yet Eleanor never gives up on him and the dream of a future together. But will that dream ever be realized...?


Hearts of Gold is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Someone Deserves a Spanking!

In this extract, Dana is jealous, thinking Ethan has been having a fling with Kaitlin the waitress. Her fears are entirely unfounded, but Ethan doesn't take too kindly to the accusation, nor does he like having can of paint hurled at him ... A spanking is called for ...


"So," continued Dana, "did you have fun with Kaitlin? Or was it someone else this time? Oh, you - you lousy bastard!" she shrieked, and threw the paint can at him. He ducked and it hurtled
against the back wall, dripping its contents down the wall and all over the floor.

Ethan drew himself up to his full height and gave Dana a hard stare, his mouth set in a firm
line, eyes glinting. "Kaitlin is a waitress who served my table during a stopover in Denver. She
came on to me but I wasn't interested. I haven't made out with Kaitlin or anyone else for that matter, and I'm disappointed you think me so shallow and have so little trust in me."

"Oh." She glared at him, but there was less fury in her face, and just a hint of contrition. "So
why are ya dressed to kill, huh?"

"Clean this mess up, then return to our cabin," he said coldly. He glanced at his watch. "You
have one hour. Don't be late." With that he spun round on his heel and left.

"Ethan ..." But he had gone, and that cold look haunted her. Wearily, she began the task of
clearing up the mess, but during the entire proceedings she was aware of the trepidation building up,
for she had misjudged him badly, and surely she would pay the price for that on her bottom.

She was right.

Ethan was waiting for her. Without a word, he took her arm and escorted her into their bedroom. Dana gulped when she saw the pillow strategically placed in the middle of the bed. It would of course, raise her bottom to exactly the right height and angle.

Ethan uttered one word. "Strip."

Nervously, she did so, feeling gauche and embarrassed at her nakedness, and the coil of fear that snaked her spine made her tremble. Ethan interpreted her expression and his face softened.

"Never fear me, Dana. Never. But know that if this relationship is to continue, we need to have absolute trust in one another. I'm going to give you twelve with my belt to help drive that point

Dana's eyes widened. His belt? He had only ever used his hand on her, and that hurt bad enough. How would she take twelve with the belt? But she swallowed, realizing she had failed him, and if this was the price to be paid, then she would take it as best she could. She watched, mesmerized, as his hands went to his belt, unbuckled it, pulled it free of the loops and folded it double, then wound it around his large, strong hand...


Dana and the Drifter is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Friday, March 13, 2015

Fancy an early night?

'Fancy an early night?' Such a delicious question. Here's how Dana reacts to it in this extract from Dana and the Drifter.

Ethan grinned. "Me too. Say - do ya fancy an early night?"

Dana glanced at her watch. It was only a little after nine. "I'm not exactly tired," she

"Neither am I." Ethan gave her a smouldering look. She interpreted it correctly and blushed.

"Ethan Fletcher. Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?"

"And what might that be?" he asked guilelessly.

"You know," she said with a giggle, then turned and headed for the bedroom.

He came striding after her, pulling off his shirt as he went. As Dana sat on the bed and
removed her sandals, she watched his hands go to his belt, snapping the leather through the metal
buckle, then ease his jeans down over his muscled thighs. Not for the first time did she suck in a
breath at the sight of him, her beautiful, sexy man. His broad shoulders and arms were thick with
solid muscle, his chest and belly and the ripple of toned abs were reminiscent of a sculpted Greek

Ethan paused for a moment as their eyes met, and then his expression turned to one of surprise
as Dana suddenly knelt before him.

"Let me," she whispered, and reached to tug down his underpants.


Dana and the Drifter is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications: