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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Waitress and the Cowboy

Ok, smacked bottom for me ... what I should have been doing is finishing my work in progress about The Lighthouse Keeper. But instead, I got sidetracked and did a short cowboy story instead!

Here's the blurb:
Grace works long hours in her job as a waitress at a small town busy diner. When a troublesome customer gives her grief, she finally loses it - she kicks him and empties a jug of juice over his head. This unleashes the wrath of Mary Sue who fires Grace. During the commotion a cowboy new in town grabs the customer, a cowpoke at a local ranch, and takes him outside before he can paw at Grace again. Too proud to beg for her job back, Grace walks out of the diner, but the handsome cowboy follows her and tells her he may be able to help. They go to a bar to drink coffee and chat, and Grace finds herself intrigued by Luke Glover - not only is he handsome and intelligent, he's sexy as hell. He puts in a word for her at Landers ranch and gets her a job cooking for the ranch hands. Grace is delighted with her new job - and Luke. They begin a relationship and Grace soon learns that Luke knows just how to deal with her untidiness and sass - he puts her over his knee for a spanking, which leads to great sex! A few days later, Grace shows she has a jealous streak, and when she overhears Luke's phone conversation she misinterprets the situation and rides off in a strop. But Luke is a man who knows exactly what - and who - he wants. He rides out after her, and a whole new future beckons...


The Waitress and the Cowboy is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications: