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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Little Diversion ...

Words are wonderful things, and the English language is richly descriptive. But every now and then, I stumble across something that is supposed to be serious but which makes me giggle. Like what? you ask. Well, like this, for example:

"He had fulgent smaragdine green eyes."

Fulgent means shining brightly,resplendent, dazzling. Smaragdine is defined as pertaining to emeralds, emerald-green in colour. Hmmm ok, both are proper words, but when used in the above context they just don't sound right!

And this:(from a non spanky source)
He was strapping with a scamp’s smile.

Now that did make me grin because for us spankos it probably conjures up a picture of a guy with a roguish smile getting stuck in with a nice leather belt on some deserving female bottom... when the reality of the above is simply describing a big guy with a playful smile.

Ah well. Diversion over. Back to work ...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Spankos and their Bottoms!

We spankos have a thing about bottoms, for obvious reasons! They come in all manner of shapes and sizes, but how many different words are there to describe what is essentially, a bottom? Lots! Including the following:
Nether region


On a related note, here's an extract from a great little poem called The Bottom by Geraldine Hillis

The bottom of the female form,
Is destined to be pink and warm,
It's soft and fleshy, firm and round,
When spanked it makes a pleasing sound,
Which echoes all around the walls,
Reverberates all through the halls.

It's pretty when it's creamy white,
But nicer still when holly bright,
When tanned with paddle, hand or brush,
And reddened to a rosy blush.


And still on the subject of bottoms, I have to confess that "I'm going to spank you on your fundament" does nothing at all for me! Bottom is a MUCH better word, especially when combined with 'bare'!

Here's a little extract from A Taste of Loving Discipline. Yep, 'bare bottom' does it for me every time ...

His hand peppered her bottom with a flurry of stinging spanks. “I've had enough of your rudeness and bad manners. You need some attitude adjustment, lady – and I'm giving it to you!” Down came his hand again, flattening June's butt cheeks. When those same cheeks obligingly bounced back for more, Alex grinned and swatted them again.

“Ohhhh! Ow!” wailed June.

He continued to chastise her as he spanked. “You need a few lessons in manners, my girl. And if this doesn't work, the next spanking will be on your bare bottom. Are you listening? I said on your bare bottom.”

A Taste of Loving Discipline is available from Amazon and LSF Publications. Click here for details.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Anticipation of a spanking ...

Here's a little poem that sums up the deliciously dreadful sense of anticipation ...

I stand here in my bedroom with my panties on the floor,
Puddled there around my legs. I know what is in store. (Gulp!)
I have been told, as in the past, to wait here for my whipping.
The whipping's bad enough, of course, but what I hate is stripping
My poor bottom's cold and bare, so I anticipate
The spanking I have coming and I have to stand and wait,
A wait that I don't want to end, for when it ends I know
I'll get that spanking, hard and long, to make my bottom glow.


In my latest release, A Taste of Loving Discipline, June has messed up and knows she is going to be punished. But Alex makes her wait. How mean is that?!

Here's a little extract:

Alex moved the sofa closer to the fire and they both sat there with a cup of coffee. June was beginning to squirm a little, knowing that they would at some point have to talk about the events of earlier in the day. She cringed at the thought, and harnessed her courage.
“Um … Alex,” she said, somewhat sheepishly.
“I'm so sorry.” Damn, but she couldn't keep the little quiver from her voice. “I … I expect you're going to … going to punish me?” There. It was out. She'd said it.
“Yes I know you're sorry, and yes I am going to punish you. But not now.”
“Oh. Why? Because you're still angry with me?”
“No. I'm not angry with you now, and if I were, that would be a very good reason NOT to punish you.”
“Oh,” she said flatly.
“I'm not going to punish you yet because you're too emotional to handle it. You're still upset. I'll wait a couple of days for you to regain your usual equilibrium, and then it will be time.” He paused for a moment, then added, “And of course, the fact that you are going to have to wait for it, will make it all the more interesting for you.” He hid a smile.
“Oh, but that's a bit mean. Can't we do it now? Get it over with?”
“Nope.” He shook his head. Turning towards her, he tilted her chin upwards and stared at her. “Look at you, your eyes are all red and swollen with weeping. What a state you were in. I want you to relax and start to feel better about things.”
“But ...” Her words trailed off.
“Are we … are we still ok? Even after what I did?”
He answered her by kissing her lips. A sweet, gentle, reassuring kiss to begin with, and as she clung to him, kissing him back, he pushed her back against the cushion and leaned against her, dipping his hand inside her dressing gown, deftly unbuttoning the top two buttons of her pyjama top so that he had access to her breasts.


A Taste of Loving Discipline is Available from Amazon & LSF Publications. Click here for further info.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Little Evie: a BDSM ageplay romance

Chloe Carpenter has done it again! Her latest ageplay book, Little Evie is crammed full of deliciously sexy spankings.

When the angelic-looking Evie meets Dylan Draper, he offers her a job, and the spark between them subsequently ignites. Another great storyline and some hot scenes for lovers of ageplay.

Here's a taster at point in the book where their relationship truly begins.


Dylan returned ten minutes later carrying a pair of pyjamas and a pair of slippers. “These belong to my God daughter Mary. She comes to stay the weekend now and then and I keep a few of her clothes here in one of the spare bedrooms. She's only 12 but I reckon you and she are about the same size.” He handed them over – a pair of cute pink pyjamas with little white rabbits on, and some pink fluffy slippers.

Evie laughed and put them on. “They're a perfect fit! I feel like a little girl again,” she declared, twirling round and round.

“Uh huh. You look like one,” he said with a gleam in his eyes.

They ate dinner in the big kitchen. Dylan poured Shiraz into two crystal glasses. “Shall we drink to the beginning of a wonderful relationship? Because that's what I want, Evie. Do you?”

“I do,” she said without hesitation.

“I'm 43 – a fair bit older than you. Is that a problem?”

“Not at all. Just the opposite in fact. It's part of the attraction.” She clinked her glass against his. “To us.”

“To us,” echoed Dylan. “Are you sitting comfortably?”

“Very comfortably, thank you,” said Evie, slightly puzzled.

“Jolly good. Make the most of it, because when I implement phase 5 of the Dylan Draper action plan, you'll find sitting somewhat awkward.”

“Er … dare I ask what phase 5 is?” asked Evie.

“You're going to get a spanking for being careless and irresponsible. You're going to get
spanked for all the reasons I listed earlier. And for as long as you're in a relationship with me, you will accept my discipline. But, admit it – that's what you've been secretly yearning for, isn't it?”

“Yes.” Evie nodded, a flush colouring her cheeks.

“I'm a dominant man, Evie. I need to be in control. But you'll find I'm very different from your late husband. You will submit to me because you want to, and whatever I do, I will always have your best interests at heart. I desired you when I saw you in the corridor at Barkers waiting for your interview, and I've desired you ever since. So to find we both share similar interests...” he grinned wolfishly, “is a stroke of good fortune. I have so much to teach you.”

“And there is so much I want to learn from you.”


Wednesday, July 09, 2014

It's Party Time!

Katherine Deane is having a Book Release Party for her new release, Coach’s Discipline on Saturday, July 12th. All welcome!

Coach’s Discipline by Katherine Deane

Claire Jacobs always dreamed of making it to the Olympic Trials in the marathon. Unfortunately, she has a habit of getting in her own way. Enter Nick Fox, a no-nonsense coach, willing to use unconventional methods to bring her in line. Traumatized by her last coach and still recovering from self-destructive habits, Claire finds it hard to trust Nick’s authority about what she can and can’t handle on the trails. Still, her attraction for him deepens, even when she discovers he believes in good old-fashioned spanking as a method of correction.

As Nick spends more time with Claire, she enchants him with her drive and deep commitment to help her fellow runners. But when she gets into an argument with a teammate, he realizes he only has one option—to give the talented woman he cares about the first spanking of her life, a spanking that is not going to be fun for either of them.

Claire and Nick grow closer and she comes to crave Nick’s dominance and direction. Discovering the emotional healing and strength to succeed during training, she moves past her shyness and self-doubt to step into a leading role with the young women on the team. But when team politics, jealousy and misunderstandings create drama, will she revert back to her old pattern of running away? Or can she learn to trust in love and race toward her goals with an open heart?


Join her on the Spanking Romance Reviews Facebook Page

The Wildcat and the Sheriff - a spanking romance from India Heath

I'd like to congratulate another new author friend - India Heath - who has recently had her first book released. The Wildcat and the Sheriff is a must for anyone who loves western romances with spanking thrown into the mix!

Here's the blurb:

The year is 1885, and the little town of St Elmo, Colorado is forced to take notice of the new girl in town. The feisty Eliza Cooper encourages a group of women to demonstrate outside the saloon, where they voice their protests about the sin of gambling and alcohol. Sheriff Vince Turner arrives to break up the rowdy demonstration, and Eliza gives him so much sass she finds herself hoisted over his shoulder and carried off to the jailhouse where she earns herself the first of many a spanking over the big sheriff's lap. Despite her outrage, Eliza can't ignore the spark of attraction towards Vince, and when the handsome lawman asks her out to dinner, she is delighted. The two are well matched, but Eliza just can't seem to keep out of trouble. She has an attitude, a fiery temper, and can be an uncontrollable brat. But it seems that now she is the Sheriff's girl, she has at last found someone to tame her, someone who is caring and protective, someone who excels in showing her the many delicious ways a man can please his woman...