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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fun in the Dungeon - Teaser Fragment - From Innocence to Experience

There is so much fun to be had in a private dungeon crammed with BDSM equipment. With that in mind, here's a little extract to share from From Innocence to Experience. Bella is curious and very eager to learn all that James King reveals to her ....

"Here we have a suspension beam and an electrical winch - the winch operates the spreader device. See?" He indicated the wrist and ankle cuffs. "As the winch is operated, the lucky person in the cuffs is stretched out in a vertical x shape. It's controlled from a remote switch with variable speed settings to control the movement of the winch.” He led her further along. "This little baby is a suspension bondage bag made from leather."

"How does it work?" Bella peered at it, curious.

"As the winch pulls the straps firmly around the victim, she - or he - is kept in place until completely suspended. These little straps make it very easy to tease and tantalize in so many ways." He pushed against the bag. "See, it can be spun around and will swing back and forth. And because the occupant is standing, the suspension device allows for long term bondage and a degree of comfort. Next up is a bondage chair and a bondage bed. I think you might like those.” He flashed her a wolfish smile. “There's also a couple of bondage crosses. I'll show you.” He led her over to the first one positioned against a wall. “Here we go. Effective, strong and simple to use. The sub is made nice and secure with the help of these anchor points for securing ankle and wrist, and there are thigh cuffs at appropriate points of the cross. ”

Bella ran her fingers over the frame. “How long did it take you to amass all this lot?”

“Years, and I keep adding to the collection, replacing certain items and buying in new stuff.”

“What's that?” Bella asked, pointing to a steel contraption.

“A full body cage. I have two of them – they're really popular. There's a kennel too.”

Bella shook her head and laughed. “This is quite an eye opener, James. It's a real perverts paradise.”

“It sure is. Let me show you the stocks - perfect for anyone who enjoys being restrained whilst receiving corporal punishment and other attentions.”


Available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Monday, May 19, 2014

Flying High - Spanking romance ebook

Greetings. Thumbs up to Leigh Smith who has a new romance ebook out. Do check out Flying High. If like me you're a sucker for a man in uniform, there's an airline pilot in this story ....

For further details and buy links, please follow this link to LSF Publications and Amazon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In the Dungeon - Teaser Fragment - From Innocence to Experience

Here's another extract to share from From Innocence to Experience. James King lives in a huge house - with his own private BDSM dungeon in the basement. Bella gets her first glimpse of what is down there, and a whole new world is opened up to her ...

James flicked on the lights as they entered a massive room. A golden glow flooded the space. “The lights will be dimmed for the main event, but you can see clearly now how everything is laid out. This is the main communal play area. To the left is a cloakroom and changing room, plus showers and toilets. Over there on the raised dais is a small bar where guests can get hot and cold drinks; you'll see there's quite a lot of seating up there too, and we'll put the buffet on the long table by the back wall. Most of the people attending know each other and welcome the chance to socialise as well as play. Those doors off to the right lead to two private rooms. One of them is kitted out as a schoolroom, complete with blackboard and desks. The other doesn't get much use but is useful for anyone who prefers playing privately.”

Bella barely heard him. She was too busy gazing at the equipment. Some of it she recognised but there were other contraptions too and she had no idea what they were. The walls were painted deep red and black, and there were lights set into little alcoves.

“This is amazing. And it's such a huge space! What are all these things dangling on chains from the ceiling?”

“That's a sit sling and it can be raised or lowered depending on the activity required. Here we have a
suspension beam and an electrical winch - the winch operates the spreader device. See?" He indicated the wrist and ankle cuffs. "As the winch is operated, the lucky person in the cuffs is stretched out in a vertical x shape. It's controlled from a remote switch with variable speed settings to control the movement of the winch.” He led her further along. "This little baby is a suspension bondage bag made from leather."

"How does it work?" Bella peered at it, curious.

Available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Liebster Award

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by the wonderfully creative Etta Stark. Check out her blog post here:

The Liebster Award is passed around the blogging community in order to promote great blogs and find out a bit more about the bloggers who make them.

Ok, so here are the questions that Etta set for me to answer:

1. Do you make New Years Resolutions? How did this year's go?
Hmmm - New Year's resolutions - you make 'em - you break 'em! I once vowed not to eat chocolate for a whole year. That resolution lasted a week. I haven't bothered making any since! However, I do feel that New Year is a good time to look forward with purpose.

2. What is your earliest memory?
I remember being pushed in a pram down a country lane, where there were huge swathes of moon pennies growing wild. By moon pennies I mean ox-eye daisies - lovely tall flowers with white petals and large yellow centres.

3. Would you ever have plastic surgery? What would you have don
I don't think so - unless I were disfigured in an accident. I actually think that a face with laughter lines and a few wrinkles looks attractive ... but ask me again in 20 years time about the wrinkles and see if I've changed my mind :D

4. What's your most recent earworm?
I had to look that word up! Right. Got it - a catchy tune. And the answer is ... Barbie Girl. I hate it but it haunts me!

5. Do you have any superstitions that you have to follow?

Only one, and that is I have to hold my breath if I walk under a ladder. There is a very sound reason for this. Many years ago I defied superstition and walked under a ladder ... and got blobs of green paint splashed on my hair. The odds of it happening again are remote but if I must go walking under ladders, my psyche is placated if I hold my breath whilst doing so!

6. What would you eat at your last meal?

Fish and chips. Sod the calories.

7. Did you write as a child? What sort of things did you write?

Yes, I was always reading and writing. I used to make up the most fantastical improbable stories about going to the moon with a mouse. I'd climb inside a rocket which was cunningly disguised as a red post box. Imagination is a wonderful thing!

8. Who is your hero?
The underdogs. The many unsung heroes who live life selflessly and leave happiness in their wake. And the character Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. (I admit to being influenced by the fact that I find Viggo Mortenson as sexy as hell.)

9. Do you have any recurring dreams?
No. Though that's not strictly true as I have had the same dream 3 times over a period of 35 years. It's a very weird and disjointed dream and I don't understand it at all.

10. If I were a visitor to your home town for a day, what would your recommend I see and do?
If you were into walking in the countryside I'd tell you to bring your walking boots and off we'd go to explore Derbyshire. You'd see hills and dales, stunning scenery, an ancient castle, a few caves, and end up in the pub.

11. Describe your perfect holiday.
I can say what it wouldn't be - laying on a beach towel every day for 2 weeks getting fried by the sun holds no appeal for me. (I have red hair - the nasty sun turns me into a mobile tomato). I'd love to explore Bhutan one day and visit Tiger's Eye monastery. Check out the link - isn't that fabulous? Trouble is, I'm not sure I'd manage the climb! I'd need one of those whizzy two-wheel scooter thingies.


Right, thanks for the questions Etta. And now onto the next bit – 11 Amazing Facts about me ... including some not quite so amazing.

1. When I was 8 I had two pet mice called Tom and Monty. I kept them in the outhouse in a deluxe mouse cage with all mod cons. They were my pride and joy, and then one day when I went in, the bars of the cage had been prized apart and all that was left of my dear friends were a couple of bits of ears and tail ends. Oh the horror! I later saw the neighbour's bastard cat sitting on the garden wall licking it's lips (Do cats have lips??!) and I just KNOW it was him! Tom and Monty - you were the best!

2. When I was a kid I used to love reading stories about Narnia, and would go scurrying round the house looking for secret entrances. To my surprise and delight I discovered a little door in one of the attic rooms (I lived in a large Victorian semi detached house). The door led to the eaves and was partly hidden by an old trunk (sadly it contained no treasures, just a pile of old tatty moth-eaten curtains) and was around 2 feet high with an aperture just big enough to crawl into. Myself and my friend went exploring. We took a torch and a picnic (cheese sandwiches and apples) and sat there on planks of wood in that cobweb infested gloomy place and thought it was wonderful ... until my friend put her foot through the floor and damaged the bedroom ceiling below. Ah happy days.

3. My first taste of unrequited love was when I was 13 or 14 and fell head over heels for a boy called Clarence (yes, honestly, that was his name). He worked in a wet fish shop and smelled rather strongly of ... fish. But I wasn't deterred. Any opportunity I got, I'd go and blow all my spending money on bits of haddock. I went off him big time when I discovered he already had a girlfriend. Bitch!!

4. I used to work in a research establishment with lots of whacky old boffins, one of whom would get up at dawn and go fishing, cook his catch, wrap it in foil and put it on the radiators at work until he was ready to eat it. He stunk the place out. Hey - this is another fishy tale. I do hope I haven't got some sort of deep rooted fish complex! Help!

5. When I was camping with the girl guides it rained solidly for 3 days and it was miserable, then the sun came out and a bus load of boy scouts arrived and camped at the opposite end of our field. Myself and a friend got into frightful trouble because we were caught paddling with two boy scouts wearing only our vests and knickers. (Let me just clarify that we girl guides were the ones wearing vests and knickers.)

6. I have a thing for the bad guys in movies and my favourite bad guy is Alan Rickman.

7. When I was around 19 or 20 I went out drinking with a girl friend and we went back to her house and she told my I could stay the night. She pointed to a bedroom containing a double bed and I gratefully got in - and woke up the following morning next to her Grandma! I suppose it could have been worse - it might have been her Grandad!

8. I once presented a paper to 100 people and was very pleased to see that I had their attention, as they were leaning forward smiling at me. I later discovered I had some spinach from lunch stuck in my front teeth. Oh what humiliation! Cringe. Cringe.

9. Before I left home I lived with my mother, who used to have this guy come round every few weeks delivering bags of potatoes. Not surprisingly we called him .... the potato man! He asked mom out on a date and when she politely declined - he asked me! Now I find that quite an insult!

10. I once went to a barbecue party and put a big sausage on the grill. It later exploded and flew threw the air, burning the nose of a guy I'd had my eye on for some time but was too scared to approach. That sausage brought us together! Hey - it's a change from fish ...

11. Many years ago I got stuck in a lavatory and had to wait until someone smashed the door open to let me out.


There we are. Hope you have been suitably entertained. And now I would like to nominate the following people for the Liebster Award:
Trent Evans
Blossom and Thorn
[Um, I thought I'd better check with the rest of them first. Watch this space!]

And here are the questions for my nominees:

1. What was your worst ever job?

2. What is your favourite way to relax?

3. What is the proudest moment of your life ?

4. What is the craziest, maddest, zaniest thing you have ever done?

5, What is your favourite film, and why?

6. What is your favourite line from a movie and why?

7. What inspires you as a writer?

8. What would be your ideal night out?

9. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever experienced?

10. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

11. Would you eat a plate of witchetty grubs if someone offered you a million pounds?!

The rules of the Liebster Award are:

1.    Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.

2.    Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.)

3.    Answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.

4.    Provide 11 random facts about yourself.

5.    Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have less than 1000 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!)

6.    Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer.

7.    List these rules in your post. Once you have written and published it, you then have to:

8.    Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it!)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sensation Play - Figging! - Teaser Fragment - From Innocence to Experience

Here's another little teaser from From Innocence to Experience. James King introduces Bella to sensation play, using a blindfold, hot wax, and later a ginger root to liven things up a little!

He teased her, tickling the slick skin and soon her yelps turned to moans of pleasure. Her hands reached up instinctively to remove the blindfold.

“No. Not yet,” he admonished. “Leave it on for a while longer.” Discarding the crop he took the hand of ginger he had prepared earlier. “You'll never guess what this is.” There was amusement in his voice as he beheld her expression of outrage and disbelief as he slowly inserted the ginger root in her anus.

“Oh nooo!” she wailed. “Not another butt plug! Where's the lube?”

“Lube isn't required for ginger, my dear. We are going to continue your education into sensation play. Let's see how you like your first experience of figging.”

“Figging?!” It seemed her voice rose a full octave as she uttered the word.

“Damn, I slipped up there. I should have kept quiet,” he said with a chuckle. “You will know soon enough that you're the receptacle for a piece of expertly peeled ginger.”

“Oh! Well ... um, I don't actually feel anything untowards...”

“You will. Give it time. The effects won't happen right away; they build up slowly over time. You'll soon begin to feel warm and that feeling will steadily increase. You'll experience a tingling sensation which will become more and more intense.” He removed her blindfold.

He removed her blindfold.

“Oh you wicked, wicked man.”

“Indeed I am.” He grinned. “Ok, flip over. Time for some more spanking.” He picked up the crop again and began to pepper her bottom with the leather tip, lightly at first, covering the expanse of each buttock, and paying attention to the crease where bottom and thigh meet.

“Oh... oh Sir,” she began. “Ow! It's starting. I – ohhhh.” The tingling intensified and began to burn. It was a sharp sensation and decidedly uncomfortable, and yet at the same time it made her feel more and more aroused. What's more, she quickly learned that as she tensed to receive each blow of the crop, the tensing made the ginger root even more intense. Soon she was squealing and thrashing around, much to the amusement of James.


Available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Free Story - Eternal Part 3 - Vampire Romance

Here we go. Part 3 coming up. Enjoy.

Eternal - Part 3 - by Abigail Armani © 2014

Time ceased to exist. I know not how long we lay together under the stars as the threads of night thickened around us. I was blissfully content, and yet I knew he had not taken my maidenhead. I was still a virgin.

“Felix,” I whispered in the darkness.

“My love?”

How I thrilled at the sound of his voice. It was deep and dark as the wild wood, with a sensual cadence. “I thought … I thought you might have ...” In my awkwardness I felt the heat rising to my face. “Might have...” I struggled for words.

“Might have taken you?”


“I will. Soon. We are destined to be together, you and I. I have known it for a long time. You are the one. But... “ He paused and a shadow flickered over his pale face in the moonlight. “There are things you must know, Elizabeth.”

“What things? Teach me! I will learn.”

“I sense and applaud your eagerness.” He smiled and kissed me again as his fingers traced the outline of my jaw and slipped lower to caress my throat. He kissed me there, lingering at the spot at the base of my throat, and I trembled with desire and a burning need to know all there was to know about Felix Marchant. But there was something not quite right. There was a haunted look in his eyes. A bleakness. A loneliness.

“What is it?” I asked, not sure whether I would like the answer. But he shook his head and gave none, and simply looked at me searchingly.

At length he sighed. “There is desolation to be found in truth, yet truth and love are all I have to give you. My greatest fear is that truth will turn you against me, and that you will loathe and revile me.”

“Felix! What nonsense! You are the best and brightest thing that has ever happened to me.” It seemed he smiled cynically as I referred to him as 'brightest'.

“Up you get, Elizabeth. I am taking you to meet my family.” He rose to his feet and effortlessly pulled me up. He had such amazing strength and agility. I marvelled at him, for truly I was the most fortunate woman on earth to have stumbled upon such an unexpected yet wholly welcome love.

“I would like that. You have brothers and sisters too?”

“Yes. Three brothers, and three sisters.”

“I'm looking forward to meeting them. Are they much like you?”

He laughed mirthlessly. “Yes, Elizabeth. They are very much like me. You will see, soon enough.” With these words he scooped me up in his arms and set off.

“I can walk, Felix. You don't have to carry me, you know. I ... Oh!!”

That moment will stay with me forever. It was the moment that challenged my beliefs. The moment that dared me to question life itself.

We flew.

With one great bound he leaped from the forest floor to the top of the highest tree, and there in an eyrie of branches and pine cones he pointed north, to the edge of another forest even denser than the one we were in, and in a clearing lay a house of stone. But I was so filled with shock I paid no heed to that which he showed me.

“How … how can this be?! How did you do that?! How?!” I marvelled.

“With ease. Does it frighten you, Elizabeth?”


“And do I frighten you?”

“No. But … I want to know … need to know. How did you get us up here?! It is impossible. What powers do you have? Are you bewitched?”

“Only by you. Hold tight.” He leaped from tree top to tree top, holding me tight to his chest. I screeched in alarm, and then merely stared into the gathering darkness, my eyes straining to see where we were headed, all the while feeling a sense of unreality as the cool air rushed and the topmost branches creaked as they dipped and sprung beneath our combined weight.

“How can this be?” I murmured. And yet, with his arms around me and the wind in my hair and the moonlight on my face, I realised I didn't care. I merely accepted and wondered and marvelled at the experience.

In no time at all we arrived at the house of stone he had pointed out to me. Stepping off the uppermost boughs of an Ash tree, Felix plunged us downwards at speed, only to land as lightly and sprightly as a cat. He set me down and took my hand, and led me towards the door.

It was suddenly flung open before we reached it and a boy ran out. He would be perhaps 14 or 15 years I thought, not quite yet a man. He was tall and slender and his face was as pale as the first Snowdrop of winter.

“Felix!” The boy smiled and approached us, glancing curiously in my direction. “You've brought her home.”

“As I always said I would. Matthew – may I introduce you to Elizabeth.”

“Pleased to make your acquaintance.” He gave me a courteous little bow.

“Likewise.” I smiled and bobbed a curtsey, but before I had the opportunity to speak further someone else came out of the house.

A woman. She was dressed in black from head to toe, and I wondered from her garb if she were in mourning. Her face held a cold, almost ethereal beauty, her skin pale as the white marble pillars of a sepulchre, her face framed by lustrous hair of that rare blue-black colour like the wing of a raven. But her expression was one of anger. Casting a contemptuous look in my direction, she marched up to Felix, her dark eyes glinting with fury.

“Felix. I warned you not to do this,” she hissed.

Unperturbed by her rudeness, Felix grasped my hand. “Elizabeth, this is Olivia. I'm afraid she is having one of her dark days, but she will soon be in better humour.”

“Good evening,” I said, and gulped as she almost snarled a response.

“Go back to where you came from.” There was venom in her tone and in her eyes.

“Olivia,” Felix said in a warning tone. “Where are your manners? Please extend a little courtesy to our guest.”

“Our guest?! Don't you mean your guest?” Turning to me she said venomously, “You are not welcome here.”

“I … I'm sorry to intrude,” I stammered, feeling awkward and ill at ease. “Felix – I should go.”

“No. Your place is here, with me.” He placed a comforting arm around my trembling shoulders. “Olivia, your behaviour is unacceptable. Stand aside, and you would do well to remember that this is my house,” he said curtly, stepping forward.

“She is not one of us!” hissed Olivia. “Or is she? Have you turned her?”

“What does she mean, Felix?” I asked, puzzled.

“Hah! She doesn't know?!” Olivia confronted him, her eyes blazing. “You haven't told her, have you!”

“Told me what?”

“I will tell her in my own time.” Felix ushered me over the threshold. A welcome fire blazed in the large fireplace in the hall, filling the house with the fragrant scent of pine wood. “Matthew, have Catherine prepare food for our guest.”

“Yes, Felix.” Matthew opened a door into an adjoining room and disappeared from sight.

Olivia followed us in, a baleful hostile presence. I felt intimidated and not a little fearful of her. She looked at me scornfully and then continued her tirade with Felix.

“And what do you propose to do with this one? Feed her up a little,” she said meaningfully, her brows arching. I did not miss the warning look that Felix shot her, and I sensed his own anger rising. Olivia's tongue darted out to lick her lips briefly in a strangely intimate gesture. “And what will you do with her then – spank her pretty round bottom – you so enjoy that, don't you Felix? The tasty little appetizer before the main course!”

“Enough!!” raged Felix. He strode towards her and slapped her hard on the side of her face. The slap echoed eerily through the large room. “I have tolerated more than enough from you and your petty, spiteful little ways. Show some respect.”

Olivia stood stock still, her white face marred by a flush of red where he had struck her. Hate filled her. It was almost palpable. I looked at her and trembled in fear, and as I looked upon her countenance, those eyes of hers held mine so that I could not look away, and what I saw next horrified me beyond reason. Olivia snarled, and her milk white teeth gleamed – but they were different now, for the incisors were vastly elongated, honed to a deadly sharp point. As she sprang at me, I knew in that instance what she was.


Thursday, May 08, 2014

Bella and the Butt Plug! - Teaser Fragment - From Innocence to Experience

I'd like to share another extract from From Innocence to Experience. Bella and her dominant, James King, are out for dinner. He has already surprised Bella by requesting that she go to the powder room and remove her panties, then hand them to him on return. But the fun doesn't end there. He has another treat planned for her - a butt plug.

Oh, wicked man!

“Now before we decide on dessert, I have another task for you,” he said with a gleam in his eye.

“Oh yes?” Bella recognised that look. Perhaps he was going to have her put her panties back on! But what James had in mind was something entirely different.

“I deliberately wore this jacket as it has very generous pockets – and in this pocket,” he grinned evilly and produced a small package, “is a tube of lube and a modestly sized butt plug.” His grin widened as Bella's eyes bulged. “You are to go to the powder room again, lube up, and insert this little device. I got you a pink one.”

“James!” she hissed. “I don't – I mean, I can't do that!”

“You can and you will – unless you want me to accompany you and insert it myself?”

“No, no, no,” she babbled. “Er, um … I don't know how it's supposed to fit!”

“I'm sure someone of your intelligence can work it out,” he said smoothly. “Besides, I checked your browsing history, you've been looking at these things online. Think yourself lucky I got you the small one. Now off you go and make sure it goes in properly. You'll need to retain it until we get back home. I'm sure you'd wish to avoid the embarrassment of it falling out onto the floor when we leave the restaurant.”

“Oh god, yes,” gasped Bella. Reluctantly she took the proffered package and hastily shoved it in her handbag. She felt her colour rising once more as she stared at James.

“Off you go. Now.”

Inside the toilet cubicle in the powder room Bella grimaced and cursed. Oh the indignity of a butt plug. She carefully applied the lube and spent the next ten agonising minutes trying to relax enough to get the wretched thing in. “Damn the man,” she muttered, but she had to admit she was aroused, and the feeling intensified once she had the plug in. It fitted snugly. It filled her. She felt slutty and horny as hell. But her worry was that owing to her not wearing any underwear, the plug would fall out, so she tensed muscles she never knew she had, and gingerly walked out of the powder room back to the table.

James smiled wolfishly at her as she tentatively sat down, her face registering shock as the action of sitting forced the plug deeper insider her.

“What if it gets stuck,” she wailed. “I might not be able to get it out!”

“Then it's either a trip to the accident and emergency room at the hospital, or I'll do the honours.”


Available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Free Story - Eternal - Vampire Romance - Part 2

I'm enjoying writing this one. Here is part 2. I hope you like it :)

Eternal - Part2 - by Abigail Armani © 2014

We ventured further into the forest, slipping unseen amongst the lengthening shadows. The dense canopy of trees blocked the fading light of day and in mere moments we were stepping through blackness. Alone, I would have been terrified, but with him I had no fear - only a mounting elation, an excitement beyond anything I had ever

We reached a small clearing, and here the darkness gave way to star shine and magical moonlight. Removing his cloak, my new found friend laid it over grass and moss and sprawled across it, pulling me down into his embrace. I snuggled
into the warmth of his chest, feeling the pulse of his heart, and listening to the whisper of the wind as it shook the leaves on the trees and coursed through the long grasses. There were other noises too... the scurry and scamper of small creatures of the night.

He held me close, saying nothing. It was I who broke the silence.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Felix. Felix Marchant. And I have observed you for over a year. I fell in love with you the first time I cast eyes on you. You were standing on the crest of Middop Hill, your gown billowing in the wind, and your glorious red hair rippling like a fire beacon. The sun was setting and you were engulfed in a golden glow. It is an image
that is forever in my mind and one that I often purposefully recall.”

My interest piqued, I sat up and regarded him solemnly. He smiled and reached out to stroke my hair. Felix. The name rippled through my thoughts. It was a good name. It suited him. He was mysterious and elegant and beautiful. I was captivated.

“But I never saw you. Were you hiding from me?”

“I was never far away. I picked up on your pattern of activity and quickly realised you would escape for an hour after supper at Drayton Manor. During that time you wandered the fields and woods. I used to wait for you to appear, longing for a glimpse, however brief.”

“Why did you never approach and introduce yourself?”

“And frighten you half to death?” He chuckled, his breath warm on my skin. “No. I am patient. I waited until such time you would come to me. And here you are. In my domain.”

“You live here?” I looked around but saw no sign of any dwelling.

“Not far from here.”

“This is very improper.” Try as I might, I could not keep the laughter from my voice. “I have only just met you and here I am laying beside you in the forest with not a care in the world. If her Ladyship were to find out, I would be beaten and dismissed from my position for sure.”

His face darkened a little and his eyes narrowed. “She beats you? I suspected as much.”

“She is horrible. Vicious. We all live in fear of her, and his Lordship too. They are well matched.” I shuddered as a feeling of unease snaked along my spine. I was hours late! Whatever would my punishment be for this? “I must go,” I said sadly.


“Why? Because … because I have a position as a housemaid. I must fend for myself or I will end up in the work house.”

“Do you enjoy your work?”

“No,” I answered truthfully. “I do not.”

“Then you will not return, Elizabeth. You will remain with me. I will care for you. You will want for nothing.” Those wonderful dark eyes of his bore into my own. “What do you say?”

Common sense dictated I should say no. The idea was madness. I did not know this man, had no idea of his character. I only knew that we were inexplicably linked and I was drawn to him like no other. As I paused, the thought of not returning to Drayton Manor became more and more attractive. The work was drudgery and there was little respite from
the endless toil and unfair beatings. I hated life at Drayton. But what was the alternative? Could I trust Felix Marchant?

He inclined his head and smiled a crooked smile. It was as though he could read my thoughts because he said, “Do you trust me, Elizabeth?”

“Yes.” I replied without hesitation. “I do – though maybe I shouldn't as I have no idea what sort of creature you are, and I could place myself in danger.”

At this he threw back his head and laughed heartily. “That is very true, my sweet one. For there are certain things I would enjoy subjecting you to.” He smiled wolfishly.

Perhaps I should have been afraid, but I wasn't. “Certain things?” How I longed to know. To experience.

“Oh yes,” he whispered, using a strangely intimate tone that made me blush to the roots. “You look so pretty when you blush.”

“How can you possibly see that? It is too dark.”

“I have excellent vision,” he said, and then in one fluid movement he was on top of me, his lips brushing against my own, the fingers of his right hand gently touching the outline of my breasts. “Do you like that, Elizabeth?”

I nodded, and longed for more. When his hand slipped inside my gown and fondled my breasts I gasped at the sensation as my nipples hardened beneath his touch and my breasts strained to be free. He understood, and deftly unlaced my bodice, and I did not attempt to stop him. He nuzzled my breasts, his tongue flicking and playfully biting my nipples, and I moaned and writhed wantonly beneath him.

“There are other things I like to do,” he murmured huskily in my ear.

Before I had chance to ask what they were he had flipped me over and I found myself on my hands and knees, my breasts swinging free, and my hindquarters elevated. His large hands explored my thighs and the swell of my buttocks. I gasped again, once more feeling those wonderful tingling sensations in the pit of my stomach. I knew I was being totally immodest but I didn't care, and when I felt him pull my gown off over my hips and my undergarments with it, my eyes widened in surprise and anticipation. There I was, naked as the day I was born, and Felix was stroking the mounds of my flesh, then kneading and pinching and playfully slapping.

“Oh,” I murmured. “Oh.” My flesh quivered as he slapped my bottom. It felt … like nothing I had ever imagined.

“You like that, Elizabeth?” He slapped me again and I felt my flesh ripple and quake beneath his touch.

“Yes. Yes!” When he placed one hand on the small of my back I found myself thrusting my bottom out even more, my back slightly arched. My thighs parted of their own volition and as his fingers wandered to my secret places my blood sparked in my veins and I cried out in pleasure as he explored. “Ohhhh!” I cried as my body responded to his touch.

And then his fingers were gone, and his hand rested lightly on my bottom once more. “I love to do this,” he said, and began to slap a little harder, first on one side and then the other, and then with an upward strike he spanked both buttocks together. “Nice?”

“Oh, Felix,” I purred. Sensations coursed through me like wild fire.

“I'll take that as a yes.” He laughed softly and continued, gradually increasing the tempo, gradually becoming ever more forceful.

But it was nothing like the callous beatings I had endured at the hands of Lord and Lady Drayton. No, this was darkly pleasurable and wonderfully erotic. This was … I gasped as his hand cracked down harder still, making me squirm and squeal... this was breathtakingly wonderful. The spanks became more forceful, yet still I did not want him to stop. No longer capable of coherent thought I gave myself up to the sensations without attempting to analyse them.

“Harder,” I breathed. “Harder.”

He obliged and did I but know it, delighted in the way my pale skin bloomed red in the silver moonlight. He spanked harder and faster, each slap ringing out like a pistol shot in the night. I shook my hindquarters and tossed back my head. I heard a wild keening sound and realised much later that it was myself making that noise as I gave myself up to the utmost pleasure.

Felix continued, delivering heavy blows that took my breath away, and yet the feel of his capable hand on my own heated flesh was electric and I yearned for more. With his free hand he dipped between my splayed thighs and explored the slickness of my sex, taking me to heights I never knew existed.

That first orgasm took me by surprise. I thought there was an earthquake and I would surely die from the shocks that engulfed my whole body. But die I did not. Instead I screamed out and begged for more.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Free Story - Eternal Part 1 - Vampire Romance

Here we go, a new story I am in the process of writing. It will probably be in three parts, and here is part 1. I hope you enjoy it.

Eternal by Abigail Armani © 2014

Life at Drayton Manor was one relentless toil. There was no respite from the misery of the cruel regime orchestrated by the sadistic Lord Drayton and his equally malicious wife. Like the other servants, I laboured from dawn until dusk, my hands chafed and sore from the harshness of the lye soap we were made to use for cleaning. An atmosphere of fear prevailed in the Manor, for we all knew that if our work did not meet the impossibly high standards set by her Ladyship, we would be punished for our tardiness. We accepted that, but we were also punished unjustly on the whim of our callous employers, and lived in dread of the malacca canes that hung on pegs in the large kitchen.

My one respite from the continual drudgery was the hour after supper, during which we were left to our own devices. My fellow servants tended to slump in exhaustion at the kitchen table, but I preferred to wander outside, regardless of the weather. Rain, sun or snow, I went out, returning feeling somehow cleansed and energised. The twilight called to me. I loved this time of day, the hour between light and darkness where the world is coloured muted gold and the early shadows begin to creep softly.

My life changed forever the night I met Him – Felix Marchant. I had taken my usual route on the path behind the house and turned right at the fork, passing the pasture land until I reached the little path that meandered through the woods. For some unknown reason, I went further than usual, telling myself I must run all the way back, for if I was late returning … I shivered at the thought of the dreaded cane. Yet still I went on, driven by a simmering need I couldn't begin to articulate. I came out of the wood and followed a narrow path, skirting the base of undulating hills rolling by stone-walled meadows redolent with the fragrance of wild flowers. Birds called from the lush valleys as I approached an old curving road winding past nestling hamlets and farmsteads.

As the twilight deepened I crossed the river, walking over a rustic bridge of ancient stone. Looking down, the water streamed muted silver, bubbling over moss strewn rocks. I knew I should return to Drayton Manor while there was still light to see the way, but something drew me, urging me ever onwards. I had no idea where I was. The landscape was breathtakingly beautiful and I could see the lines of purple heather-clad mountains on the distant horizon, and before them, a vast expanse of green-capped forest. It was there that I headed, climbing steadily, and with each step I became increasingly excited with the instinctive knowledge that I was on the verge of something wonderful.

On I went, never faltering. There was magic in the air. I felt my skin tingle. Turning, I looked back from my elevated position to see the countryside below glimmer golden fire beneath the slanting rays of a sinking sun. As night fell, the land was tinted a deep liquid blue and the air was still.

I resumed my journey and paused for breath as I approached the edge of the beckoning forest, greeted by swathes of Oak and Ash, Holly and Birch. The shadows deepened and I blinked, for there was a fleeting shadow darker than the others, a shadow that moved purposefully towards me. My eyes did not lie. A figure advanced from the shelter of the trees. A man. He moved swiftly and steadily with the speed and grace of a predatory animal, his dark cloak swirling around his form. As he drew closer I could see the glossy black tendrils of shoulder-length hair, and a pair of darkly vibrant eyes. They glittered as they fixed on me, and his lips curved into a smile.

He came to a halt but three feet in front of me. He was tall and broad shouldered, his skin pale in the dim light. His face had an unearthly sort of beauty. I found myself staring in wonder, but I was not afraid. His smile deepened. It was a confident smile of satisfaction and assurance. For interminably long seconds he gazed at me, his dark eyes brimming with untold secrets and promises of hidden delights. And then he spoke. One word.

“You know my name?” I whispered.

He inclined his head. “I have watched and waited for you to come to me for a long time, Elizabeth.”

I shivered, but not with cold. A wild delight filled me. “Who are you?”

“Your saviour.” He reached out and took hold of my hands.

How can one possibly describe the sensation of touch? His grip was firm. His skin felt cool against my burning palms, for I had walked a long way and I was hot from my exertions. The feel of his hands holding mine felt so overwhelmingly right. I stared at him, and I smiled, for he was like no other. He was special. I was drawn to him.

“What … what do you want of me?” I ventured, knowing I would willingly give all I had to please him. Aside from a few stolen kisses from the gardener's boy, I had never been intimate with a man. New and delicious feelings coursed through me, and I experienced lust for the first time. I wanted him. Badly. A fire burned deep in my belly. And yet that was only part of it. He entranced me, filling me with delight and wonder.

“What do I want of you? I want all you are prepared to give – and more besides.” He stooped and kissed my lips. Once. Twice. Thrice. Sweet gentle kisses that promised so much more.

Wantonly, I responded, throwing my arms around him, returning his kiss, feeling a reckless, rising passion. He drew me close, his hands roaming my body, pulling me closer into his embrace. The next kiss rocked my world. It was hard and fierce and deep. He devoured my mouth with his own, and when he was done he gently stroked the side of my face with his fingertips. His dark eyes sparked, making me tremble with anticipation and excitement.

“Come,” he said softly. And putting his arm around my shoulders he drew me into the confines of his cloak and led me into the forest.


I wonder if the vampire in my story might look something like this ...

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Take off your panties! - Teaser Fragment - From Innocence to Experience

I'd like to share another extract from From Innocence to Experience. Bella's new dominant, James King, takes her out to dinner for the first time. They book into an up-market restaurant. Everything is fine, and then James surprises Bella by telling her to take off her panties.

Will she, or won't she? .... Would YOU?

As the waiter scuttled off with their order, James leaned forward and whispered, “Before you get too comfortable I want you to go to the ladies room. Take off your panties and hand them to me on your return.”

“What?” Bemused, she thought she had misheard.

“You heard exactly what I said. Now go and do it.”

“Oh! But … but... I-”

He interrupted her. “Isabella, I gave you an order and I expect you to carry it out. Now.” His blue eyes flared and bored into her own.

“Um, ok.” Blushing, she rose to her feet and headed towards the ladies powder room.

James watched her go, a grin on his face. He enjoyed her discomfiture. He also enjoyed the fact that she would obey. She returned a few minutes later and slid back down into her seat.

“Well?” he said. “Where are they?”

“In my bag,” she whispered, her face still red.

“Hand them to me.”

Bella gulped and looked furtively around before diving into her bag and grabbing the black lace panties. She scrunched them up as small as they would go and lowered her hand, intending to pass them over under cover of the table cloth.

“Why all the subterfuge? Stop messing around under the table and hand them over properly.” He extended his hand, palm up, on the table top.

With one deft movement, Bella's hand shot out and deposited the panties in the palm of his hand, sighing in relief as he stashed them in his pocket. After that she gave a nervous laugh and gulped down several mouthfuls of wine.


Available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

Thursday, May 01, 2014

First Encounter with The Dragon Cane - Teaser Fragment - From Innocence to Experience

I'd like to share another extract. James King gives Bella an enjoyable hand spanking to warm her up so that he can introduce her to ... the dragon cane. Is it what she expected?


Bella loved it. She loved the intimacy of his hand on her bare flesh and she loved the sting that resulted from a good hand spanking. Even when he spanked hard and fast, it turned her on hugely, made her breathless, and made her bottom glow. She mewled and yelped and wiggled her bottom enticingly. He gave her more, only stopping when her skin was a deep pink.

Letting her rest for a moment to regain her breath, he walked over to the bed and picked up the cane he had placed there in readiness. Compared to the kooboo rattan canes in his possession, the dragon cane was very dense, heavier, yet surprisingly swishy and quite flexible. It had a real bite. He waved it through the air in an arc.

Bella's heart skipped a beat at that sound. She was still a novice as far as canes were concerned but she had sampled some from his well-stocked arsenal. But today was her first introduction to the dragon cane. She quivered, wondering how much it would hurt. Still, at least it wouldn't be a cold caning, something she most definitely didn't want to experience.

James was standing by the side of the bed. “Come here, Bella. I want you on your hands and knees.”

She complied, and he adjusted her position slightly, getting her exactly how he wanted her. She looked lewd and lovely. He always enjoyed caning her, she certainly had the arse for it, full cheeks with plenty of tantalising flesh to absorb the bite of the rod.

Bella waited. The waiting was both delicious and frustrating and fearful. All was quiet. She closed her eyes and a moment later felt the tip of the cane between her buttock cheeks, sliding lasciviously, caressing like a lover. Then there came a gentle tap across the centre of her cheeks, followed by another, and another. He applied the cane expertly, fast and gentle, a succession of tiny taps that made her moan and arch her back, thrusting out her bottom for more.

And then the lulling rhythm changed...

Available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications: