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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Free Story - Eternal - Vampire Romance - Part 2

I'm enjoying writing this one. Here is part 2. I hope you like it :)

Eternal - Part2 - by Abigail Armani © 2014

We ventured further into the forest, slipping unseen amongst the lengthening shadows. The dense canopy of trees blocked the fading light of day and in mere moments we were stepping through blackness. Alone, I would have been terrified, but with him I had no fear - only a mounting elation, an excitement beyond anything I had ever

We reached a small clearing, and here the darkness gave way to star shine and magical moonlight. Removing his cloak, my new found friend laid it over grass and moss and sprawled across it, pulling me down into his embrace. I snuggled
into the warmth of his chest, feeling the pulse of his heart, and listening to the whisper of the wind as it shook the leaves on the trees and coursed through the long grasses. There were other noises too... the scurry and scamper of small creatures of the night.

He held me close, saying nothing. It was I who broke the silence.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Felix. Felix Marchant. And I have observed you for over a year. I fell in love with you the first time I cast eyes on you. You were standing on the crest of Middop Hill, your gown billowing in the wind, and your glorious red hair rippling like a fire beacon. The sun was setting and you were engulfed in a golden glow. It is an image
that is forever in my mind and one that I often purposefully recall.”

My interest piqued, I sat up and regarded him solemnly. He smiled and reached out to stroke my hair. Felix. The name rippled through my thoughts. It was a good name. It suited him. He was mysterious and elegant and beautiful. I was captivated.

“But I never saw you. Were you hiding from me?”

“I was never far away. I picked up on your pattern of activity and quickly realised you would escape for an hour after supper at Drayton Manor. During that time you wandered the fields and woods. I used to wait for you to appear, longing for a glimpse, however brief.”

“Why did you never approach and introduce yourself?”

“And frighten you half to death?” He chuckled, his breath warm on my skin. “No. I am patient. I waited until such time you would come to me. And here you are. In my domain.”

“You live here?” I looked around but saw no sign of any dwelling.

“Not far from here.”

“This is very improper.” Try as I might, I could not keep the laughter from my voice. “I have only just met you and here I am laying beside you in the forest with not a care in the world. If her Ladyship were to find out, I would be beaten and dismissed from my position for sure.”

His face darkened a little and his eyes narrowed. “She beats you? I suspected as much.”

“She is horrible. Vicious. We all live in fear of her, and his Lordship too. They are well matched.” I shuddered as a feeling of unease snaked along my spine. I was hours late! Whatever would my punishment be for this? “I must go,” I said sadly.


“Why? Because … because I have a position as a housemaid. I must fend for myself or I will end up in the work house.”

“Do you enjoy your work?”

“No,” I answered truthfully. “I do not.”

“Then you will not return, Elizabeth. You will remain with me. I will care for you. You will want for nothing.” Those wonderful dark eyes of his bore into my own. “What do you say?”

Common sense dictated I should say no. The idea was madness. I did not know this man, had no idea of his character. I only knew that we were inexplicably linked and I was drawn to him like no other. As I paused, the thought of not returning to Drayton Manor became more and more attractive. The work was drudgery and there was little respite from
the endless toil and unfair beatings. I hated life at Drayton. But what was the alternative? Could I trust Felix Marchant?

He inclined his head and smiled a crooked smile. It was as though he could read my thoughts because he said, “Do you trust me, Elizabeth?”

“Yes.” I replied without hesitation. “I do – though maybe I shouldn't as I have no idea what sort of creature you are, and I could place myself in danger.”

At this he threw back his head and laughed heartily. “That is very true, my sweet one. For there are certain things I would enjoy subjecting you to.” He smiled wolfishly.

Perhaps I should have been afraid, but I wasn't. “Certain things?” How I longed to know. To experience.

“Oh yes,” he whispered, using a strangely intimate tone that made me blush to the roots. “You look so pretty when you blush.”

“How can you possibly see that? It is too dark.”

“I have excellent vision,” he said, and then in one fluid movement he was on top of me, his lips brushing against my own, the fingers of his right hand gently touching the outline of my breasts. “Do you like that, Elizabeth?”

I nodded, and longed for more. When his hand slipped inside my gown and fondled my breasts I gasped at the sensation as my nipples hardened beneath his touch and my breasts strained to be free. He understood, and deftly unlaced my bodice, and I did not attempt to stop him. He nuzzled my breasts, his tongue flicking and playfully biting my nipples, and I moaned and writhed wantonly beneath him.

“There are other things I like to do,” he murmured huskily in my ear.

Before I had chance to ask what they were he had flipped me over and I found myself on my hands and knees, my breasts swinging free, and my hindquarters elevated. His large hands explored my thighs and the swell of my buttocks. I gasped again, once more feeling those wonderful tingling sensations in the pit of my stomach. I knew I was being totally immodest but I didn't care, and when I felt him pull my gown off over my hips and my undergarments with it, my eyes widened in surprise and anticipation. There I was, naked as the day I was born, and Felix was stroking the mounds of my flesh, then kneading and pinching and playfully slapping.

“Oh,” I murmured. “Oh.” My flesh quivered as he slapped my bottom. It felt … like nothing I had ever imagined.

“You like that, Elizabeth?” He slapped me again and I felt my flesh ripple and quake beneath his touch.

“Yes. Yes!” When he placed one hand on the small of my back I found myself thrusting my bottom out even more, my back slightly arched. My thighs parted of their own volition and as his fingers wandered to my secret places my blood sparked in my veins and I cried out in pleasure as he explored. “Ohhhh!” I cried as my body responded to his touch.

And then his fingers were gone, and his hand rested lightly on my bottom once more. “I love to do this,” he said, and began to slap a little harder, first on one side and then the other, and then with an upward strike he spanked both buttocks together. “Nice?”

“Oh, Felix,” I purred. Sensations coursed through me like wild fire.

“I'll take that as a yes.” He laughed softly and continued, gradually increasing the tempo, gradually becoming ever more forceful.

But it was nothing like the callous beatings I had endured at the hands of Lord and Lady Drayton. No, this was darkly pleasurable and wonderfully erotic. This was … I gasped as his hand cracked down harder still, making me squirm and squeal... this was breathtakingly wonderful. The spanks became more forceful, yet still I did not want him to stop. No longer capable of coherent thought I gave myself up to the sensations without attempting to analyse them.

“Harder,” I breathed. “Harder.”

He obliged and did I but know it, delighted in the way my pale skin bloomed red in the silver moonlight. He spanked harder and faster, each slap ringing out like a pistol shot in the night. I shook my hindquarters and tossed back my head. I heard a wild keening sound and realised much later that it was myself making that noise as I gave myself up to the utmost pleasure.

Felix continued, delivering heavy blows that took my breath away, and yet the feel of his capable hand on my own heated flesh was electric and I yearned for more. With his free hand he dipped between my splayed thighs and explored the slickness of my sex, taking me to heights I never knew existed.

That first orgasm took me by surprise. I thought there was an earthquake and I would surely die from the shocks that engulfed my whole body. But die I did not. Instead I screamed out and begged for more.

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