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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Bella and the Butt Plug! - Teaser Fragment - From Innocence to Experience

I'd like to share another extract from From Innocence to Experience. Bella and her dominant, James King, are out for dinner. He has already surprised Bella by requesting that she go to the powder room and remove her panties, then hand them to him on return. But the fun doesn't end there. He has another treat planned for her - a butt plug.

Oh, wicked man!

“Now before we decide on dessert, I have another task for you,” he said with a gleam in his eye.

“Oh yes?” Bella recognised that look. Perhaps he was going to have her put her panties back on! But what James had in mind was something entirely different.

“I deliberately wore this jacket as it has very generous pockets – and in this pocket,” he grinned evilly and produced a small package, “is a tube of lube and a modestly sized butt plug.” His grin widened as Bella's eyes bulged. “You are to go to the powder room again, lube up, and insert this little device. I got you a pink one.”

“James!” she hissed. “I don't – I mean, I can't do that!”

“You can and you will – unless you want me to accompany you and insert it myself?”

“No, no, no,” she babbled. “Er, um … I don't know how it's supposed to fit!”

“I'm sure someone of your intelligence can work it out,” he said smoothly. “Besides, I checked your browsing history, you've been looking at these things online. Think yourself lucky I got you the small one. Now off you go and make sure it goes in properly. You'll need to retain it until we get back home. I'm sure you'd wish to avoid the embarrassment of it falling out onto the floor when we leave the restaurant.”

“Oh god, yes,” gasped Bella. Reluctantly she took the proffered package and hastily shoved it in her handbag. She felt her colour rising once more as she stared at James.

“Off you go. Now.”

Inside the toilet cubicle in the powder room Bella grimaced and cursed. Oh the indignity of a butt plug. She carefully applied the lube and spent the next ten agonising minutes trying to relax enough to get the wretched thing in. “Damn the man,” she muttered, but she had to admit she was aroused, and the feeling intensified once she had the plug in. It fitted snugly. It filled her. She felt slutty and horny as hell. But her worry was that owing to her not wearing any underwear, the plug would fall out, so she tensed muscles she never knew she had, and gingerly walked out of the powder room back to the table.

James smiled wolfishly at her as she tentatively sat down, her face registering shock as the action of sitting forced the plug deeper insider her.

“What if it gets stuck,” she wailed. “I might not be able to get it out!”

“Then it's either a trip to the accident and emergency room at the hospital, or I'll do the honours.”


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