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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Take off your panties! - Teaser Fragment - From Innocence to Experience

I'd like to share another extract from From Innocence to Experience. Bella's new dominant, James King, takes her out to dinner for the first time. They book into an up-market restaurant. Everything is fine, and then James surprises Bella by telling her to take off her panties.

Will she, or won't she? .... Would YOU?

As the waiter scuttled off with their order, James leaned forward and whispered, “Before you get too comfortable I want you to go to the ladies room. Take off your panties and hand them to me on your return.”

“What?” Bemused, she thought she had misheard.

“You heard exactly what I said. Now go and do it.”

“Oh! But … but... I-”

He interrupted her. “Isabella, I gave you an order and I expect you to carry it out. Now.” His blue eyes flared and bored into her own.

“Um, ok.” Blushing, she rose to her feet and headed towards the ladies powder room.

James watched her go, a grin on his face. He enjoyed her discomfiture. He also enjoyed the fact that she would obey. She returned a few minutes later and slid back down into her seat.

“Well?” he said. “Where are they?”

“In my bag,” she whispered, her face still red.

“Hand them to me.”

Bella gulped and looked furtively around before diving into her bag and grabbing the black lace panties. She scrunched them up as small as they would go and lowered her hand, intending to pass them over under cover of the table cloth.

“Why all the subterfuge? Stop messing around under the table and hand them over properly.” He extended his hand, palm up, on the table top.

With one deft movement, Bella's hand shot out and deposited the panties in the palm of his hand, sighing in relief as he stashed them in his pocket. After that she gave a nervous laugh and gulped down several mouthfuls of wine.


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