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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Another Spanking is Imminent ...

Bratty Annie is in bother again after having being rude to one of the paying guests at the ranch. Tyler makes it known he will be 'having a little chat' with her when he eventually catches up with her... and we all know what that means!

Here's another little teaser from Bratty Annie and the Ranch Foreman.


Tyler left to seek out Annie. He couldn't find her anywhere. Puzzled, he approached the stable block and corral to see if maybe she'd saddled up one of the horses. Sorrell was her favourite, but the mare was contentedly munching grass inside the pen.

"Hey Jake, you seen Annie?" he asked one of the ranch hands nearby.

"Nope. She in trouble again?" Jake grinned.

"You could say so."

"I saw her, boss - she drove off about twenty minutes ago," offered Chuck.

"Yeah? Did she say where she was heading?"

Chuck shook his head. "She didn't say nothin' - seemed to be in a bit of a snit if you ask me - stomped off with a face like a thunder cloud."

"That figures," said Tyler. He frowned. There seemed little point in chasing after her when he had no clear idea of where she might have gone. "Okay, thanks boys. Guess I'll catch up with her later and have a little chat."

Jake and Chuck grinned. They both knew what Tyler meant by 'have a little chat' and figured that when he caught up with her, that cute little ass of hers would be mighty tender.


Bratty Annie and the Ranch Foreman is available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

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