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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Caught In The Act : Bratty Annie and the Ranch Foreman

Little rich girl Annie, forced to work for the first time in her life, seeks a little extra cash before pay day. So what does she do? She 'borrows' it from her pa's safe.

Here's another little teaser from Bratty Annie and the Ranch Foreman.

With a gleeful smile, Annie stuffed a bundle of $20 bills into her skirt pocket. She hadn't bothered getting ready for bed, and had been patiently waiting for Tyler to fall asleep before she ventured downstairs. Checking the safe was properly locked, she left the study and stealthily crept back up stairs ... only to bump headlong into Tyler on the landing.

"Fuck!" she squealed. "You gave me a fright! What are you doing?"

"I was about to ask you the same question."

"Oh. I, ah ... I went to... to the kitchen to make a snack."

"Uh huh." He levelled her a look that made her heart sink.

"Back to bed now," she said brightly and pushed past him, gasping as his hand shot out and gripped her arm.

"Not so fast, Annie," he said quietly. "What else did you do downstairs?"

"Nothing. Now take your big hairy paw off of my arm." Though she tried to sound defiant and unconcerned, a tiny tremor crept into her voice.

"Nothing. You sure about that?" Tyler's eyes narrowed.

"Of course I am. Now let me go." She struggled in an attempt to pull free of his iron grip.

"So what were you doing in the safe?"

She paled. "How did you...? I mean, nothing. I wasn't in the safe. You're mistaken."

"I don't think so," said Tyler as he eyed the dollar bills protruding from her pocket. He pulled them out. "Care to explain?"

"Oh well ... I-I..." Oh crap! "I just took some cash is all. He won't miss it. Anyhow, it's none of your business."

"Wrong. It is my business. And I'm disappointed you'd steal from your own father."

"I only borrowed it," she muttered. "Give me that back." She held out her hand.

Tyler grabbed it and marched her back to her bedroom. "Put your hands on the bed and bend over. You're about to get spanked for stealing and then lying about it."


"You will do as I ask, Annie," he said quietly. "It's time to accept responsibility and take your punishment."

His words cut into her. She hovered, angry and afraid, and a sudden surge of shame washed over her. She'd never stolen anything before - never had to. "I don't know why you're making such a big deal out of this." She gulped and cast a pleading look at Tyler. He remained silent, watching her, and waiting. Biting her lip, she moved into position.


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