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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The threat of a bare-bottomed Spanking is about to become reality

The tempestuous Mary defies Nathan again. He had promised her a bare-bottomed spanking if she continued to disobey him - and being a man of his word, he has no qualms in making good his threat.
"Don't cross the boundary!" he bellowed, then clicked in exasperation as she hurtled ahead, in the direction of the boundary that marked ownership of White Tail Ranch land. "Damn the woman," he muttered grimly, his palm itching to spank some sense into that cute little ass.

When he caught up with her she was way beyond the perimeter, sat astride the stallion with not a care in the world. But when she saw Nathan's thunderous look, some of her euphoria vanished.

"Is there a problem?" she asked, suddenly unsure of herself.

"Hell yeah - I reckon there's one big problem, girl - and that's you."

"Me? But ... what did I do?"

"You paid me no heed and went riding off, crossing the boundary."

"I can ride well enough," she said with a toss of her head. "I don't see why you're being so objectionable."

"Objectionable, huh? You think this is objectionable, wait till I get you back to the ranch," he growled, his hand moving to his belt. "You know nothing of these lands and people. This stretch of land is notorious bandit territory, particularly at night."

"Oh. Well I didn't see any bandits." She pouted, a little sulky that her wild ride was spoiled by his silly accusations. "I - oh! What are you doing?!" she squealed as Nathan's big hand shot out and grabbed her. He lifted her effortlessly off Midnight's back and hauled her up in front of him. "Home, Horse," he said, slapping Midnight's flank, and the stallion responded, riding abreast. "As for you, Mary Grace, I promised you a bare bottomed spanking if you disobeyed me again, and that's exactly what you're gonna get."

Mary gasped and sat in silence. Several emotions coursed through her: outrage at his suggestion, tempered with that strange fluttering in the pit of her stomach, reinforced by the feel of his strong arm holding her close; and anger that he had yanked her off her horse without so much as a by-your-leave. Insufferable man!

And when he gets her back to the ranch, he makes good his threat. Read on...

His chuckles infuriated Mary. "Let me GO!" she spat. "There's no need for this. You're embarrassing me!"

"There's every need for it. And you, Mary Grace, are about to be further embarrassed." He steered her into the living room, sat himself down on the couch and pulled her over his lap. He got down to business immediately, raising Mary's skirts without ceremony, bringing his big hand down on her round bottom that strained the fabric of the white cotton drawers.

"Oh! You beast of a man!" she cried as his hand cracked down. "You can't do this!"

"No?" His hand splatted down again, beating a rhythm on her bouncing buttocks.

Mary protested vehemently, kicking her legs and lashing out at his rock-hard calves with her fists. She relaxed when he stopped the spanking, thinking it was over, then stiffened immediately as she felt his hand reach for the waist band of her drawers.

"I promised you a bare bottom spanking," he reminded her, eyeing her peachy curves wolfishly. Nature had endowed her with a temptingly full, soft, and ripely-curved bottom. Her sweet buttocks were rounded like a peach and he felt a sudden urge to nuzzle her flesh with his mouth and kiss those glorious twin hemispheres. Instead, he brought his hand down firmly across the plumpest part of the target area, delighting as those soft mounds quivered beneath his palm. "This is for your disobedience." Down came his hand, sending her cheeks jiggling provocatively.

"Ohhhh!" Mary squealed. This was shameful. This was ... strangely exciting. How could that possibly be, given that this man had bared her bottom and was spanking it?!

"Two spankings in one day. Not bad. How many will you get tomorrow I wonder - three?" He grinned, greatly enjoying the spectacle before him, but kept his voice strict as he berated her. "You put your life in danger twice today, and I won't have you doing it again, you hear me?"

Splat! His hand swatted down on the under-curve of her cheeks, now turning a lovely deep pink.

"Ow! Oh! I'm sorry - I won't do it - Ow! - again."

"Damned right you won't, girl." The spanks resounded through the room, punctuated by yelps and promises to behave.

Mary squirmed and wriggled like a fish. Both sets of her cheeks were beginning to glow - one set with the sting of a spanking, the other with embarrassment at being in such an immodest position. But truth be told, Mary was having a hard time making sense of the intense feelings elsewhere in her body. She felt her nipples harden, they were so stiff they actually ached and she longed for ... for what? The little voice in her head reminded her what George the groom had done with the parlour maid.

When Nathan finished and sat her up, she was breathing heavily, bottom throbbing, chest heaving - and such was her inner turmoil, she failed to notice that he was breathing heavily too.

"That was yet another lesson in obedience, Mary. That's twice now that you've put yourself in danger. If you want to last a week out here you need to pay heed to what I tell you."

Mary stared at those blue eyes of his, at his strong jawline, his mouth ... Oh but she suddenly felt a very strong desire to be kissed. "Sorry," she whispered.


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