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Friday, November 28, 2014

Mail Order Mary gets a punishment spanking ...

Mary is in bother again, this time for almost burning down the kitchen after leaving some chicken frying on the stove ... She gets a spanking and discovers that punishment spankings aren't quite so much fun as the other sort ...

"Go to the table." The cold voice set her scurrying towards it. "Bend over." She obeyed, coughing a little as the remaining fumes wafting in from the smoke-filled kitchen caught the back of her throat. This was all a horrible dream. Nathan looked so angry at her - and who could blame him? He raised her skirts and tugged down her drawers, baring her bottom. But the dynamics were different now. This was no longer exciting. This was an ordeal, something to be got through, something that would hopefully redress the balance and set things to right. Mary knew he was angry and that she had disappointed him.

"Six," was all he said.

She heard the tiny sounds of metallic jingling as his belt was unbuckled and drawn out ready to use; then there came a dull yet ominous sound as he doubled it over and checked the length, holding it firmly and swishing it through the air to ensure it was just as he wanted it. Screwing her eyes shut tight, Mary held her breath.

The crack of the leather striking her flesh echoed from the walls an instant before the pain shot through her. Even though she expected it, the first stroke had her gasping. At the second she yelped, and then as each stinging blow fell she cried out, her wails rising as the heat grew, blossoming as a line of fire trailed across her cheeks, followed by another a little lower. The belt fell hard across her cheeks, branding her again, and again, until six red welts blazed on her pale skin. Mary tried to be stoic, she tried to remain still and take her punishment without demur, but as each blow fell she cried out a little louder in shock at the pain. She'd never been disciplined this way before - and this strapping was both degrading and humiliating. And painful. She could feel the welts rising after each stroke. But the worst thing, worse even than the horrible burning pain, was the cold fury in Nathan's eyes.

When it was over she lay across the table gasping as Nathan rebuckled his belt. Her poor bottom smouldered, surely hotter than the fire in the skillet. Somehow, she expected he would leave her like that, expecting her to pull herself together, dress, and get on with things.

But he didn't.

Tenderly, he smoothed his hand over her blazing cheeks. Gently, he rubbed away the worst of the sting. "I'm sorry I had to do that. I only gave you six, and used only moderate force, but it was necessary, Mary. You need to know never to do that again. You could have burned the house down and yourself with it." To Mary's surprise, he pulled her up, spun her round to face him, then crushed her to him in a hug. "I can rebuild a house. But if anything had happened to you..."

Mary didn't know how to react at this unexpected treatment. Her emotions took over. She began to cry - big heart-wrenching sobs that shook her frame and melted Nathan's heart.

"Hush now," he crooned. "Hush. It's over now."

But once she had started, Mary found it difficult to stop. Tears were a rare thing for her, and this was a release. She sobbed and sobbed, as Nathan held her close. Dimly she became aware that he had lifted her and was carrying her upstairs. He laid her on the bed and opened the window to help clear the air. Returning to the bed, he sat on the edge, reaching out to stroke her hair.

"I'll be fine," she snuffled. "Just leave me alone."


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