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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bratty Annie's First Spanking

Annie doesn't like being ordered around by the new foreman. She has a tantrum and throws things - and ends up over Tyler's knee...

"You mind your own darn business, jackass." Hands on her hips, eyes flashing, she faced him defiantly. "I'm a grown woman and you sure as hell aren't going to order me around."

"If you're a grown woman, act like one instead of a pouting, foot-stomping, selfish brat."

"How dare you say that! You-you stinking ranch hand." In a fit of pique, Annie grabbed the nearest thing to hand - a glossy magazine from the coffee table - and hurled it in Tyler's direction. It missed him and hit an ornament on the window sill which fell to the hard wood floor and smashed. "Oh." Oh crap - I shouldn't have done that. "Er - I didn't mean to ... hey! Hey! What are you doing?!" The last word came out as a strangled squeak as Tyler strode towards her, grabbed her arm, sat down on the sofa and pulled her over his lap.

"What am I doing? I'm about to tan that bratty butt of yours." He raised her short skirt, revealing an ample bottom encased in lace pink panties.

"Noooo!" shrieked Annie. "You can't!"

"No? I'll give you 'stinking ranch hand'." A quick tug and the panties were down past her knees, her bare bottom smiling up at him.

For the first time in her life, Annie was dumbstruck. She felt the rush of air as her bottom was bared, and her eyes bulged in disbelief as her mouth opened in shock. Tyler's hard hand descended with a noise like a gun shot. It was followed immediately by another spank, and another.

"OW!!" squealed Annie, as that punishing hand came down again.

Tyler was building up quite a rhythm. "You were an hour late for our meeting." Splat! "You called me a jackass." Splat! "You were rude." Splat! "And insolent." Splat! "You behaved like a spoiled kid." Splat! "And you lost your temper." Splat! Splat! "And broke something that doesn't belong to you." Splat! Splat! Splat!

"Yeoww!" squealed Annie as she pounded her fists against the floor, wriggling like a fish in a futile attempt to escape his lap. "You wait till my dad hears about this!"

"I have his full endorsement. It was his idea." Tyler eyed her reddening rear appreciatively, taking good care to cover every inch of those adorable peachy globes.

Splat! Splat! Splat!


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