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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Fragment - submission required! From Innocence to Experience

Here's a teaser fragment from the new release From Innocence to Experience. Bella is at an all time low - no money, no husband and no job - so when the wealthy James King offers her a position as a live-in housekeeper she is overjoyed. But there's a catch ....


“I'm a good judge of people, Bella, which is why I'm offering you this position … this opportunity. I intend to introduce to you a set of behaviours and rituals involving Dominance and submission. D/s will provide the framework for our relationship in which I will enjoy dominating you; and you in turn, once you have come to terms with the inner conflict and surrender, will take great pleasure from being under my control. No harm will come to you whatsoever, aside from a sore bottom and possibly other more intimate areas.” He smiled wolfishly at the thought. “In time you will come to crave such things. I observed your reaction to the contents of my toy cupboard. How did that make you feel?”

Bella gulped. “Um. Er ...”

“Don't hesitate or attempt to analyse your feelings. Just tell me your initial reaction to the contents of that cupboard.”

“Well … surprise, fear, and ...”

“Yes, and...?”

“A sort of … a vague sort of, well... excitement I suppose. No, maybe that's too strong a word. I felt kind of shivery and tingly.”


“Um. I'm not sure. Let's just say slightly curious.”

“Slightly curious, but not repulsed?”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“With the faintest stirrings of erotic arousal as you tried to comprehend how those implements could be used? On you.”

She said nothing, just blushed furiously, which gave him his answer. “What … what exactly would you, you know, do to me?” It was an effort to get the words out as she felt acutely embarrassed.

“I will train you to be my submissive. I will introduce you to obedience and pleasure and pain. I will not inflict upon you anything which will damage you. I will push you past your comfort zone, but not take you past your limits before you are ready – though those limits will steadily be pushed as you gain more experience of my lifestyle. You will be safe with me. I will cherish you and watch you grow into the woman you will be. There will not be any sexual intimacy between us unless you wish it.”

More soon. And, in case you're wondering about the sexual intimacy - she does wish it!

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