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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Love Me, Love My Rooster!

Spanking shouldn't be taken too seriously. It's a fun activity and it can be very funny. In Country Loving, village newcomer Grant meets Dotty, a high-spirited chatterbox of a woman who has a talent for effortlessly getting herself into bother. In this extract, Dotty has lost George - her pet rooster, who happens to be VERY protective of his beloved owner - and when she turns up at Grant's house to look for him, she is overjoyed when she hears him clucking away in Grant's back yard... And then the fun begins!


Grant stared at George. George stared back. There was a look of murderous intent in his beady little eyes. He suddenly lunged forward and pecked Grant on the ankle.

"OW! Bastard bird!" yelled Grant, rubbing his ankle.

"It's only a little nip. You'll be fine," said Dotty.

"Only a little nip? Darn animal almost had my bloody leg off," snarled Grant. "Let me get my hands on it - I'll throttle it then casserole it."

"Throttle and casserole my George?! I don't think so," huffed Dotty. "You obviously don't know anything about roosters. He's only being friendly."

... Dotty stooped down and began crawling on her hands and knees, clucking and cajoling the rooster.

Grant was about to let fly with a torrent of abuse, but at the sight of the well proportioned bottom swaying and wobbling about in front of his eyes, the words dried up in his throat. It was almost a year since he had spanked a bottom, and the one jiggling before him presented a very tempting target. His palm began to itch...

... Grant swallowed. He wanted to spank that bottom. He really, really wanted to spank that bottom. He watched it in a kind of hypnotic trance, mesmerised by its swaying. It was without question, a most magnificent bottom.

George clucked loudly from the nearby bushes, poked out his head followed by the rest of him, and strutted forward, his beady eyes fixed on Grant. George clucked again, and waggled his tail feathers conspiratorially. It was as though George was saying 'Go ahead, mate. Spank her arse.' At least, that was how Grant interpreted the situation.

Silly man.

Grant raised his right arm, took a swing, and brought the palm of his hand down hard on Dotty's bottom. The sound of that spank was like a gunshot, followed by a high pitched squeal of outrage from Dotty - followed immediately by an even louder squeal from Grant as George the rooster flapped and jumped up - and pecked at a rather obvious looking bulge hiding in the confines of Grant's trousers.

Squeals, howls, roars and manic clucking rent the air.

"You spanked me! You SPANKED me!" cried Dotty indignantly. "How dare you!"

"Aarrrrrrgh," moaned Grant. If that damned rooster had bitten his pecker off there was going to be big trouble.

"Oh - are you hurt? What's wrong?" Dotty couldn't but fail to notice that Grant was doubled up, clutching his manly bits, and George was looking rather smug.

"Bastard chicken. Bastard, bastard chicken," was all Grant could manage for the moment.

"Oh my - did naughty George peck you?"

Grant nodded and grimaced horribly.

Don't worry - Grant's manhood was not damaged! And Dotty used her womanly wiles to help make it better again (though she had to lock naughty George in the car). Romance blossoms and there is never a dull moment when Dotty is around!

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