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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday Spankings - The Billionaire Cowboy

Here we go - my first time participating in Saturday Spankings! So many thanks for visiting, and here is a short extract from my new book The Billionaire Cowboy. At last, Carla and Scott are about to get it together ...

He looked at her through slightly hooded eyes. That look and the tone of his voice created such frisson that Carla began to tingle with barely suppressed excitement.

"You're going to go over my knee, resting your elbows on the sofa. That mighty fine butt of yours will be nicely elevated for my pleasure." He held up his right hand - it was a large, strong and capable hand - a spankers hand. He wriggled his fingers. "I'm going to stroke you with this hand, tracing my fingertips down from your waist to the top of your thighs, then up again, stroking ... probing ... caressing. After that, I'm going to flip up your skirt, revealing those lovely long and shapely legs."

Oh my - there's my 8 sentences. I have to stop just when we're getting to the good bit! But I'm sure you can use your imagination :)

If you're interested, here is the buy link to Amazon.

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  1. Glad you joined in this week! Great beginning, I like the description of his hand,

  2. Guess what, I visited before bedtime last night and the post that came up with The Lure of the Cowboy so I left my comment there.

    Glad you came aboard. Loved your new book - you know how I feel about cowboys.

  3. Welcome Abigail. Eight sentences are a killer!! Nice snippet.

  4. Hello, I'm a relative newcomer too. Sexy snippet, certainly gets the imagination fired up!

  5. Fellow newcomer here! Nice snippet!

  6. Very descriptive, I like it! I do hope you continue next week.

  7. Thanks for your comments folks :) I look forward to the next round of Saturday Spankings :)

  8. It's so hard to pick only 8, isn't it? Welcome to #SatSpanks!

  9. Abigail, you're a tease! Great eight. Makes us definitely want to know what he's going to say next. We've got a feeling what he's going to do, but we want to hear how he intends to do it.