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Friday, April 25, 2014

Nipple Clamps - Teaser fragment - From Innocence to Experience

James King is Bella's Dominant. He introduces her to nipple clamps. But will she like them?!

Bella wasn't sure whether she liked the sensation or not. Her nipples ached and throbbed - yet it wasn't exactly unpleasant - until he tightened the clamps a little more, making her squeak.

"Be a good girl, or I will use clover clamps instead - they are much fiercer and I doubt you will like them." He smiled and adjusted the clamps to make their presence felt without being overly painful. “The beauty of these is that I can give the chain a little tug, like so... to make my naughty one behave.”

Bella squirmed but grinned at the same time at the expression naughty one she did indeed feel very naughty, and her eyes sparked as she gazed into his.

“Being the kind and considerate dominant I am, I won't give you a cold caning -you'll get a warm up first.” He pointed to the chair he had vacated. “Bend over, hands on the chair arms, feet apart.”

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