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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fragment - From Innocence to Experience - Finding out about Dominance and submission

Here's another teaser fragment from the new release From Innocence to Experience. Bella is new to D/s but her new employer and disciplinarian James King is intent on widening her knowledge as he trains her to be his submissive.

And as time passes and their relationship is taken to new levels, Bella finds herself increasingly drawn to this enigmatic man.

Since that first encounter, there was a different dynamic between her and James. She learned to understand his gestures and expressions; she studied his bearing - the way he walked, the way he turned his head a certain way, his hand gestures, and that quirky funny thing he did with his eyebrows. She was also fully aware of the simmering desire she felt when he looked at her in a certain way. She relived that first encounter many times, committing every last detail to memory, and at night, her hand would stray between her legs to pleasure herself at the thought of what they had shared together.

She also read extensively. There was an eclectic selection of books in James' study which he gave her permission to delve in to. She selected erotica and BDSM titles, and surfed the internet, greedy for information on dominance and submission. And the more she learned, the more she wanted to experience, recognising that there was a deep need within her that James King would take great pleasure in assuaging. Some things frightened her. Some things she found disturbing. But mostly, the things she read about excited her to boiling point. One thing was absolutely clear – she had a burning desire to serve James King.

They got into the habit of talking after dinner, and she would listen in fascination as he added to her store of knowledge.

“Dominants are diverse creatures,” he told her. “Being a true dominant is a state of being, but there are many so-called Dominants who have no real feelings of care for their submissives. Such people are dangerous, exploitative and selfish.”

“Well you're not like that.”

“Nor will I ever be.”

“Can I ask you something, James?”

“You know you can ask me anything. What is it?”


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