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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fragment - From Innocence to Experience - A Master prepares to shave his sub...

Another hot little teaser from From Innocence to Experience. Some Dominants like their subs shaved, and James King is one of them. When he announces he is going to shave her himself, Bella can hardly believe it ... but it turns out to be one erotically charged experience for her.

James admired the view then moved closer and bent to whisper in her ear. “Do you want to know what happens next, Bella?”

“Yes Sir,” she whispered in response.

“I'm going to shave you.”

Her eyes widened. She gasped. Surely not. Surely he wouldn't do that! But he would. Of course he would. He smiled that devious little smile of his and retrieved a collection of items he had left on one of the kitchen counters. A shallow tray. A bowl of warm water. A can of shaving cream. A wash cloth. A pair of small sharp scissors. And a razor.

He dipped the cloth in the warm water and applied it over her mound and down to her labia. Bella screwed her eyes tight shut as she was so embarrassed.

“Relax Bella. Don't tense up.”

She heard the scissors snip as he trimmed the length of her pubic hair, putting the discarded clumps on the tray.


Perhaps it was the word itself, perhaps it was the way he said it … but whatever it was thrilled her. Gradually her embarrassment waned, though not completely. She opened her eyes a little as she felt the cold shaving cream being applied and worked up to a thick lather.

“Keep very still now, Bella. Concentrate on maintaining position.” Bella heard the scrape of the razor, felt it against her tingling skin. “Good. Almost done,” he murmured. He rinsed the area with fresh water, and dried it with a white towel, then rubbed baby oil over her mons and labia. By this stage in the proceedings Bella was highly aroused, squirming, her breasts quivering.

“There. Done.” He guided her hand to her crotch. “How does that feel?”

“Strange. Smooth. Erotic.” He slipped a finger inside her. “Ohhh.” She squirmed against his finger, eager for more.

“You will maintain your new look. I want you to shave and oil your skin daily. Keep it smooth and hair free. Understood?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. And now I have you on the table, let's make full use of it.” He smiled devilishly. “Flip over on your stomach.” As she did so, he went to a drawer and returned with leather wrist and ankle cuffs. “You have fantasies about being restrained. Now's the time to turn the fantasy to a reality.” He fastened the wrist cuffs and reached for the soft bondage rope he had previously secured to each of the table legs. Her outstretched arms were pulled taut by the cord looped through her wrist restraints which then fastened underneath the hard flat surface of the table. Next he attached the ankle cuffs and repeated the process. When he was done, he stepped back to admire her prone form.