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Thursday, April 16, 2015

"I know what you need." A Spanking!

Dana is too full of energy, pacing the room, restless, on a high, can't calm down ... Ethan knows just how to remedy this. Spanking can be so cathartic. What's more, it can lead to great sex!

Ethan watched her, came up behind her and whispered, "I know what you need."


"A little something to help calm you down." He led her to the side of the bed, sat down and patted his thighs. "Over you go." She hesitated for a brief moment, then obediently lay over his thighs. He adjusted her until her bottom was in just the right place, raised nicely to meet his hand. "Are you ready for some bottom warming therapy?"

"Yes, I do believe I am."

His hand came down firmly onto her tender cheeks, still a little pink from the previous day's spanking. He spanked again, concentrating on her lower fleshy curves, turning the pink skin to a darker hue. Dana gasped, wriggled, then yelped as the spanks continued as Ethan spanked on, feeling the heat from her glowing skin intensifying beneath his hand.

"Owww!" she wailed, as pink morphed into red. She tried to kick her legs, but Ethan did that clever little trick of his, pinioning her legs with his own, effectively denying her the luxury of movement.

Ethan spanked at a steady, inexorable pace, focusing on her defenceless sit spot, and as the burn intensified, Dana squealed and tried to protect her bottom by covering it with her hand - but he quickly scuppered that action and Dana was held fast by one steel-hard arm.

She yipped and yelped and squirmed over his lap as best she could, yet still the steady smacking continued relentlessly, resulting in a fiery throb in her hindquarters. The fire in her skin filled her senses, filled her head, effectively shutting out everything else but the pain induced by the hard slaps. Her bottom stung and throbbed without respite, each fresh round of spanks adding to the sensation.

And then the tears began to fall, and suddenly she found herself sobbing uncontrollably, and the release was like a dam bursting. And with the tidal wave of tears, the merciless spanking stopped, and she was cradled in his arms as he rocked her and stroked her hair until the sobs abated and she was still and calm.



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