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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Anyone for a deliciously erotic flogging ...?

Laying on the bed, her wrists secured to the bed rail, Dana feels deliciously helpless as she experiences her first ever flogging at the hands of Ethan ...


Minutes later they were on the bed in a tangle of limbs. Her sore bottom forgotten, Dana moved wantonly beneath him, her fingers exploring his shoulders, his broad back, as she admired the play of muscles under his tanned skin.

"How about we spice things up a little, huh?" suggested Ethan.

"Yeah?" She giggled. "How?"

"Go get me a pair of your pantyhose out of the drawer and you'll see."

"You're not going to wear them are ya?" she giggled, and was rewarded by a swat to her thigh as she trotted off to get the required item.

"You're going to wear them ... on your wrists," he informed her, pushing her down on her back, deftly securing her wrists together, winding the hose round tightly.

Dana watched with interest and a mounting sexual excitement as he raised her arms back over her head, using the remainder of the hose to wrap around the bed rail behind the pillows, effectively rendering her arms immobile.

"There. How does that make you feel?"

"Naughty. Sexy. Apprehensive. Excited."

Ethan grinned and nodded. "Yeah? Anything else?"

"Helpless. Deliciously helpless." She shivered in anticipation and squirmed a little, wincing slightly as her punished bottom came into contact with the bedclothes. She scrutinised his face, wondering what he had planned.

"I have something nice for you," he said with a wicked grin.

She eyed his erection. "I see that."

"Not that. Not yet."

"What then?" she asked, her curiosity piqued.

He reached across to the night stand and pulled something out of the drawer. "This. I picked it up in Denver to add to my collection. You're gonna love it."

Dana stared at it, puzzled. "But it's just a handle with a scrap of fabric - with lots of sticky-out bits."

Ethan snorted derisively at her description. "It's a flogger, very lightweight and soft. Feel the tails." He draped them over her breasts and belly.

"Ohhh. That feels real nice."

The suede tails fell softly, like a lover's caress. Ethan rotated his wrist in a clockwise motion, gently flicking the flogger over her belly and hips.

"Yum," came the response. "It feels like the touch of a butterfly wing."

"Good huh?" He continued to wield the flogger, skimming it lightly down her arms and over the fullness of her breasts before focusing on her nipples.

Dana found it an exquisite sensation. Moaning softly, she arched her back, thrusting out her breasts, her engorged nipples standing proud, demanding more attention. The flogger teased her breasts, making her quiver with excitement, and as Ethan moved further down her body, she closed her eyes and gave herself over to experiencing the sensations. Shoulders, breasts, torso, belly and thighs all received the treatment, and then those teasingly soft tails skimmed her inner thighs, lightly touching her slick sex.

Dana was in heaven, but it was the tone of his voice that took her to the next level of pleasure.

"Spread your legs... wider. Raise your knees ... higher."



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  1. I wouldn't have minded this guy drifting by once upon a time. lol Nice snippet - sexy read.