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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stick that bottom out for me ....

'Stick that bottom out for me' is a phrase that can be so erotic. Here's how Dana reacts to it in this extract from Dana and the Drifter.

The next morning, Ethan woke to find a pair of blue eyes staring at him reflectively.

"Mornin' hon." He smiled lazily and reached out to kiss her. "Sleep well?"

"The best night's sleep I've had in ages."

"Good. Then why so pensive?"

"I was contemplating." She smiled as he cupped her right breast and toyed with the nipple.

"Contemplating what, exactly?" His hand moved to caress her other breast and give it similar treatment.

"Whether there would be any awkward silences when we woke up this morning. Whether last night was just a dream. Whether you'd pat me on the butt and send me on my way."

"Surely you don't think I'd do that?"

"No... not really. I guess I was just scared you might have changed your mind."

"Of course not. And you, woman, need to learn to have faith in me."

"I do ... big nose," she added mischievously.

"Oh yeah - name calling again is it?" He fixed her with one of his looks that made her bones melt. "Shall I tell you what happens to sassy women who call me rude names?"

"I think I can guess." She flashed him a grin, threw back the quilt, flipped over onto her tummy, and waggled her butt invitingly.

"You're learning fast, lady," he said appreciatively. "And as a reward, you're gonna get a bare bottom spanking." He brought his hand down firmly on her peachy curves. "Like this. And this." More spanks followed, and Dana squealed and wriggled. "Ah, that one got your attention." Ethan grinned. "Stick that bottom out for me. Get on your knees."

"Like this?" She obliged, instinctively arching her back and pushing her bottom out.

"Oh yeah. Perfect." He slapped her cheeks again, loving the way they danced beneath his hand. He spanked lightly to begin with, his hand skimming the smooth surface of her naked flesh. "More?"

"Yes. More." This is fun. It's not too hard. It's ... hell, it's a real turn on.

More spanks rained down in little flurries. Dana was practically purring in pleasure.

"Did I say you should be enjoying this?" he said in a tone of mock severity.

"What makes you think I am?"

He dipped his finger between her thighs. "This." He withdrew his finger, glistening with the juices of her arousal, and placed it to her mouth. "Taste yourself," he said huskily.



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