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Friday, February 13, 2015

Dana's Punishment: Dana and the Drifter

I'd like to share this punishment snippet from Dana and the Drifter. Poor Dana has messed up and knows she will have to pay the price...

"Ethan ..." But he had gone, and that cold look haunted her. Wearily, she began the task of clearing up the mess, but during the entire proceedings she was aware of the trepidation building up, for she had misjudged him badly, and surely she would pay the price for that on her bottom.

She was right.

Ethan was waiting for her. Without a word, he took her arm and escorted her into their bedroom. Dana gulped when she saw the pillow strategically placed in the middle of the bed. It would of course, raise her bottom to exactly the right height and angle.

Ethan uttered one word. "Strip."

Nervously, she did so, feeling gauche and embarrassed at her nakedness, and the coil of fear that snaked her spine made her tremble. Ethan interpreted her expression and his face softened.

"Never fear me, Dana. Never. But know that if this relationship is to continue, we need to have absolute trust in one another. I'm going to give you twelve with my belt to help drive that point home."

Dana's eyes widened. His belt? He had only ever used his hand on her, and that hurt bad enough. How would she take twelve with the belt? But she swallowed, realizing she had failed him, and if this was the price to be paid, then she would take it as best she could.

She watched, mesmerized, as his hands went to his belt, unbuckled it, pulled it free of the loops and folded it double, then wound it around his large, strong hand.

"Get on the bed, Dana. Rest your stomach on the pillow."

Reluctantly yet determinedly, she got into the required position. And she waited, feeling horribly exposed, knowing she was being punished for failing him.

There was a deafening silence in the room for a few moments, broken by a sharp crack as a line of white-hot fire branded her bare cheeks. Ethan let the strap fall across the centre of her cheeks, hard enough to give a resounding whack, and leave a cheerful red mark, but nowhere near full strength.

Dana tried to keep silent as the wicked leather fell again, just below the first. Then the third landed a little lower, skimming the top of her thighs, but this time Dana couldn't stop herself from crying out. She clenched her fists and lowered her head in an attempt to bury her wails in the bedcovers. The fourth strike fell right where cheek and thigh meet, wrenching another harsh cry from her. After that, she found it difficult to maintain position, her lower body jerking and moving from side to side, her legs flailing. The fifth blow landed exactly where the fourth fell. How it stung! Tears began falling from her eyes as she slammed her fists down hard on the bed. The sixth strike seemed fiercer than those that had gone before and Dana squealed as the sting flared and blossomed in a sea of pain, and as her bottom throbbed she imagined the welt rising.

"Oh! Ow!" she shrieked, but she didn't beg him to stop.

Ethan paused, surveying the angry red bands rising on her pale skin. He raised the belt again. The next stroke fell on the crown of her cheeks. Dana gasped and mewled, and was still trying to get her breath from that one when the next strike fell - a red-hot brand, sending shock waves rippling through her. She cried out at the searing pain. Ethan brought the remaining lashes down fast in quick succession, plying more red marks on her scorched skin. The final two landed on her sit spot.

Dana's feet kicked frantically as she hollered into the bedcovers. Though the evil belt had stopped falling, the burning sensation continued. Her bottom throbbed and burned and she whimpered as Ethan ran his fingertips lightly over her sore skin. It was a good spanking and she would feel it the next day whenever she sat down, and hopefully it would serve as a little reminder.

Dana continued to whimper as Ethan stroked her reddened flesh. She looked up at him tearfully but no longer crying. All she needed now was his forgiveness and the comfort of a hug.

She got both.



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