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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Taste of Loving Discipline - Teaser Fragment ... a choice of three men

To set the scene ... June has moved into an idyllic cottage in Northumberland. Hilda, the old lady who lives next door, comes round for a quick cup of tea and answers the door while June is upstairs getting ready. Not one but three men arrive independently, and all three take a seat on the old sofa. But which one will June end up with ...?


What happened next was something that Hilda and June would remember always. All three men tried – and failed - to get up at once. The old sofa creaked in protest as three male butts wriggled in an attempt to free themselves from the tightly-packed space. Another creak, and then the sofa groaned, and with a sudden startling crack one of the back legs snapped and the sofa collapsed backwards, tipping the three occupants upside down, legs waving wildly. Cups, plates and lumps of chocolate cake flew through the air along with a fine selection of expletives as the three men struggled to untangle themselves from flailing limbs and get to their feet.

It was too much for June. She laughed until the tears made her eyes blurry. Hilda was as bad. She rocked backwards and forwards in her chair, making funny snorting noises, and clutching her sides as she laughed. The trouble was, neither of the three men saw the funny side. They stood in a group of seething testosterone, glowering and cursing and muttering.


The setting for the book is a little village in Northumberland. June looks out onto the atmospheric runs of the fabulous Dunstanburgh castle.

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