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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Love on a Ranch Box Set - Spanking Cowboys!

Who doesn't love a sexy cowboy? Here is a box set containing a whole bunch of them!

Here are four delicious novels that seamlessly blend cowboys, romance and spanking. Set in Texas, this series of stories deliver passion, excitement and adventure for the inhabitants of the Armstrong ranch. The cowboys on this ranch know just how to treat (and spank) their women...

If you like fast paced novels with a delicious hint of kink, vibrant characters and interesting plots, then this box set is a must. Abigail Armani's alpha males bring their own level of mastery to each scene, and any woman who fantasizes about a macho, handsome cowboy sweeping her off her feet will love these books!

**The box set is available at a discount price. Get all 4 books together in one HOT and STEAMY bundle!**

The following individual books are included:

The Texas Rancher and the English Rose
Life changes drastically for Rose when Hank Armstrong, a handsome Texan cowboy, walks into the quaint English café where she works and asks her out for dinner. Love and romance and a spanked bottom soon follow and life is wonderful until things go awry and Hank returns to Texas. But Rose is determined to explain, and she gives up everything to follow him in this story of family unity, love and passion and forgiveness.

My Texas Cowboy
The beautiful and talented Rose has it all - after an exciting whirlwind romance she finds herself engaged to Hank Armstrong, a hunky Texan alpha male with wealth, intelligence, charm, and rugged good looks. Rose quickly settles into ranch life, forging a role for herself as well as getting to know everyone in this warm-hearted extended family. All goes well until disaster strikes the week before the wedding.

The Cattle Rustler's Bride

Cindy arrives for a long vacation in Texas to join in the wedding celebrations of her best friend Rose, and while Rose and Hank are away on honeymoon, she enjoys the hospitality and friendship provided by the Armstrong ranch. She has an adventure of her own, rescued from the path of a tornado by the enigmatic cowboy Luke Daniels. He is a man with secrets, and as their relationship develops Cindy is suspicious of his nocturnal wanderings and is determined to find out the truth. But her interfering puts her in great danger in this tale of adventure, romance and intrigue.

The Billionaire Cowboy
Alpha male Scott Armstrong is a prime specimen of a cowboy if ever there was one, breathtakingly handsome, broad shouldered and strong, his jeans moulded to his muscled thighs. He is a man who knows exactly who he wants ... and that is Carla Odell. He is also a man who likes to spank his women in a wonderfully erotic way. Many believable characters are portrayed, set against a backdrop of ranch life, cattle stampedes and the ubiquitous villain thrown into the mix, but the developing romance between Scott and Carla will hold your attention.

Available for Kindle from Amazon and in a variety of formats from LSF Publications:

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