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Monday, January 13, 2014

Coming Soon - Treasured Memories of a Disciplined Wife

Well, now that The Billionaire Cowboy has been put to bed (wouldn't it be nice to join him!) I'm working on a new release. This one is a bit different and has a retro feel. After all, domestic discipline isn't a current fad, it's been on the go for hundreds of years in various guises.

I've titled it Treasured Memories of a Disciplined Wife. The premise involves Daisy, a widowed old lady in hospital looking back on her life. Her treasured possession is an old photograph album, and each picture triggers a memory of her life with her beloved husband Frank. The narrative then takes the reader back into the past and we discover through a sequence of vignettes the stories associated with the various photographs. Some are poignant and nostalgic, others are amusing, and they all illustrate the relationship between Daisy and Frank. If you enjoy loving discipline, you'll love this book.

Here's the cover. The book will be available at the weekend. :)

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